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I bought a tablet and watched movies and novels when I was okay. But there was a lot of traffic. What should I do?

I suggest you build a wireless router to connect to the Internet in a certain range. I bought a tablet for convenience.

With its stylish appearance, touch-based operation methods, and the convenience brought by portable mobile devices, tablets have won the hearts of consumers and become the most popular mobile smart terminal product nowadays. Now is an era with extremely high internet access demands. We must be eager to know how tablet computers can access the internet and how to connect to the network. Don't worry, the following small series will introduce you to the tablet Internet.


Wif wireless Internet access

1,Click the "Settings" icon on the tablet to go to the "wireless and network settings" page. Click the check box on the right of Wi-Fi to make it checked, as shown in the figure below:
2,Click the following Wi-Fi settings. The computer will automatically search for the nearest Wi-Fi network signal source, as shown in the figure below:
3,Click the signal source in the list. The password input box is displayed, as shown in the following figure:
4,After entering your password, you can connect to Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connected icon is displayed at the top of the screen window of the tablet, as shown in the figure below:
Okay! Here the Wif connection is successful and you can access the Internet.
Wired Internet access

If you do not have a wireless network in your home, how does your pingbai computer connect to a wired network? Tablet computers are divided into two categories. For Android tablets represented by Samsung, you can use usb to switch the network cable plug-in to connect to the network. For Apple iPad computers, you can do nothing, you can only access the internet using the following methods. The fourth page of this article describes how to use Wifi to access the Internet.

1,Connect the cat wire to the router, insert the crystal head of the cable from the router, and then insert the other end of the USB conversion to the OTG port of f2c.
2,Enable and disable the wireless network option in the wireless network in the system settings.
3. In the Ethernet settings option, select the option on the right to allow wired Internet access.
4,After Ethernet is enabled, the local machine automatically detects the USB Ethernet card. A connection icon is displayed in the status bar. The connection is successful and the speed column is displayed at the bottom of the Ethernet settings.
Wait a moment and try to connect to the network automatically. If the DHCP service has been enabled on the vro and the gateway, DNS, and other related settings have been set, the local machine can automatically connect to the network. In this case, the cable icon in the status bar changes to <->, and then you can use wired to access the Internet.

5,If the automatic connection of the local machine fails, it is generally because the related settings in the vro are not properly configured. At this time, we can manually set the network parameters on the local machine. The setting steps are as follows:
A. Go to local settings/wireless and network/Ethernet settings, and click "Static IP settings" to go to the static IP settings page;

B. Enter the IP address of the local machine in "IP address". The default value is;

C. in the "gateway" entry, enter the gateway set for the route. The default value is If it is set to another gateway in the route, you must set the same gateway as the one in the route. Otherwise, the connection is normal, but cannot connect to the Internet;

D. In "Network mask", enter the mask of the network segment. The default value is;

E. In "DNS", enter the IP address of the DNS server of your local network service provider, for example, in Shenzhen;

F. click "menu" in the upper-right corner of the status bar, select "save", and press "back" to return to the Ethernet settings page. The Message "Ethernet interface configured successfully" is displayed ", in this case, you can use wired to access the Internet.

I hope it will help you.
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