How do I set the background music when I play the gap in PPT slide presentation

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To play the background music during the gap, after the break, the music stops automatically, and the slides that you want to demonstrate are shown below, you can follow these steps.

Figure 1 playing background music during break time

1. Open the presentation and switch to the slides you want to show while resting, and on the Insert tab, in the Media Clips option group, click the Sound button to open the Insert Sound dialog box. Navigate to the location of the background music, select it, and click the OK button, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Selecting a sound file to be used as a background music

2, you will be asked how the user to start playing the sound, click the When Clicked button, you can see a small horn shape icon in the slide, as shown in Figure 3. When you click the icon during the slide show, you can play the inserted sound file.

Figure 3 Inserting a sound file

3, select the small horn icon in the slide, in the Options tab, in the Sound Options group, select the Loop play until stop check box to loop through the inserted sound file before the slide is finished, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 Setting Sound options

4, on the Animation tab, in the switch to this Slide option group, select the Automatically animate after this check box, and then enter a time to rest, such as 01:00, as shown in Figure 5. After this setting, when the 1-minute break ends, the music stops automatically and automatically switches to the next slide.

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