How do I use MSTSC for remote logins?

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How do I use MSTSC for remote logins?

Step One: Click "Start", "Run", enter MSTSC as shown:

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Step Two: Enter the IP address of the connected PC as shown in:

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Step three: Enter the user name and password, and then you can telnet to the computer, if the login failed, often due to account name and password errors.

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Step four: If you want to share the hard disk between the local and remote computers, copy and paste, etc., you can select the shared drive remotely. For step two o'clock, "options"-"Local Resources"-"details".

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File copy needs to click "Details", tick "drive" option as shown in

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---Reprint the solution that the client cannot connect to the remote host through MSTSC---

Symptom: When connecting via the MSTSC command, the system prompts:

The client cannot connect to the remote computer;
The connection may not be enabled, or the computer is too busy to accept the new connection. There may also be network problems that make it impossible for you to connect.
Please try again later. If the problem continues to occur, contact your system administrator.

1) Both computers are within the same LAN;
2) The network is through, and can be used for file and print sharing;

Problems that may exist:
1, 3389 port is not open
[Start] Menu--Settings--Control Panel--system--remote properties--hook up: Allow users to connect to this computer remotely

2. Service not enabled
[Start] Menu--Settings--Control Panel--management tools--services--Find: Terminal services: Change to "Start" status

3. Firewall
If the ports and services are open, or cannot be connected, then it is possible that the firewall is blocked, shutting down the firewall or adding port 3389 and allowing
Here is the firewall that comes with windowsxp:
[Start] Menu--Settings--Control Panel--windows Firewall--Exception: tick "Remote Desktop

How do I log on remotely using MSTSC?

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