How does CrossApp create a new project? Does crossapp create a project?

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How does CrossApp create a new project? Does crossapp create a project?

The method of creating a project in CrossApp is basically the same as that in the Cocos2d-x, it is to use the python script to complete the creation, first open the terminal. Use the cd command to locate the project-creator directory under the tools directory under the CrossApp directory.

My directory is as follows:/Users/archer/Desktop/CrossApp-0.3.5/tools/project-creator

There is a script file in this directory. This file is used to create a project file.

Enter the following information on the terminal:

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  1. ./ App01-package com. archerpeng. crossapppro-language cpp

Here,-project is the project name,-package is the package name-language is the language type, please make changes according to your needs.

For more help, enter


The following prompt is displayed in the current version (0.3.5:

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  2. Options:
  3. -Project PROJECT_NAME Project name, for example: MyGame
  4. -Package PACKAGE_NAME Package name, for example: com. MyCompany. MyAwesomeGame
  5. -Language PROGRAMING_LANGUAGE Major programing lanauge you want to used, shocould be [cpp | javascript]
  6. Sample 1:./ MyGame-package com. MyCompany. AwesomeGame
  7. Sample 2:./ MyGame-package com. MyCompany. AwesomeGame-language javascript
Currently, CrossApp only supports creating cpp and js projects and does not seem to be able to specify the project path.

The following prompt appears when the creation is successful:

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  1. Proj. ios: Done!
  2. Proj. android: Done!
  3. Proj. win32: Done!
  4. Proj. mac: Done!
  5. Proj. linux: Done!
  6. Proj. wp8-xaml: Done!
  7. New project has been created in this path:/Users/archer/Desktop/CrossApp-0.3.5/projects/App02
  8. Have Fun!

Next, enjoy the convenience and cross-platform pleasure that CrossApp brings to you!

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