How does the latest Thinkpad X1 Carbon replace the original system Windows 8 with Windows 7?

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Now the newly purchased laptops are basically built with Windows 8 systems, and there are some other software services of various manufacturers, such as a restoration system of thinkpad, which has a hidden partition on the hard disk. However, for most people, the built-in system is not what they want, and many of the built-in functions are not used. This is the case with the notebook I will introduce.

Thinkpad X1 carbon ultraboo, just arrived, no settings have been made. If you want to install windows 7, you may encounter the following problems:

1. USB cannot be enabled. For example, if you want to use windowsPE to install the system or use a USB mobile optical drive, Windows cannot be started.

2. After solution 1, there is another problem. When Windows 7 is installed, the file is always copied to half, and the system is stuck.

Next, let's talk about the solution.

1. For the above problem 1, we mainly need to disable secure boot in bios. For example.

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2. For Issue 2, which is also the boot settings in bios, you need to change it. Now the default hard disk mode of the motherboard is UEFI format. here you need to change it to Legacy only. This is also true for many newly configured desktops. For example.

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Since then, we have been able to install Windows 7 successfully.

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