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First of all, we should be in the configuration of the switch should be aware of the IP address set in the switch, gateway, domain name and other information is set for the management of the switch, the configuration of these configurations are successful, you can save for a lot of work on the way.

3350 configuration of DHCP, the network has many discussions, but most of the existence of errors and omissions, according to the configuration of an online description of "IP helper-address DHCP server address", the project found that the client can not obtain IP address from the DHCP server.

I've also recently configured 3350 as a relay agent for the DHCP server, at first also puzzled for a long time, and then find information on the Internet and in the forum to seek help, and finally in the project test through, in order to avoid everyone in the project encountered this kind of situation left turn right, special will be the configuration process written out, for everyone as a reference.

Network environment: A 3550EMI switch, divided into three vlan,vlan2 for the server network, named Server,ip address segment is, Subnet mask:, Gateway:, The domain server is Windows Advance server.

Concurrently as a DHCP server, DNS server, IP address for the client 1 network, IP address segment is, Subnet mask:, Gateway,VLAN3 : named Work01, Vlan4 is the network of client 2, named Work02,ip address segment is, subnet mask:, Gateway:

Last talk with you about how to properly connect the switch, today with some configuration clips to introduce the port configuration. Given that most of the online configuration cases are show-run results. is not conducive to the novice to the command configuration process, so I will configure the fragment and attention to the place are marked, I hope to help beginners as soon as possible to understand how to correctly configure the switch.

When iOS enters a command, as long as the abbreviation does not cause confusion, the use of the configuration command can be used in the form of abbreviations. For example: switch>enable, in user mode, the command to start with en only enable, so it can be abbreviated as switch>en. You can also use the TAB key to automatically complete the command, such as switch>en, press the Keyboard tab after the automatic completion of the switch>enable.

Configure the switch port mode of operation can generally be divided into three kinds: access,multi,trunk. Trunk mode ports are used for switches and switches, switches and routers, mostly for cascading network devices, so it is also called trunk mode. Access is used for both the access layer and the access mode. We first introduce trunk mode and access mode, multi mode, and so on when we introduce VLAN settings and then introduce.

The interface range allows for a uniform set of ports that can be configured with a spanning-tree portfast command if a known port is connected directly to a PC without routing switches and hubs, and the fast port no longer experiences four states of the spanning tree. Directly into the forwarding state, improve access speed.

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