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Smart Drag to create a folder

Anyone who has ever used an Apple or Android smartphone knows that the current smartphone desktop has a very user-friendly folder creation feature, and when you drag and drop an icon to another icon, the system automatically creates a folder and automatically places the two icons into it. Now we can use a smart Folders for Windows software to have this feature in the Windows environment. After you install the software, you can simply drag one or more files to another file to automatically create a folder that will automatically be moved to the new folder. At this point, simply give the newly created folder a proper name and complete the collation of the file.

After running the software installer, click the Install button in the main interface, then the screen will display installed hint (Figure 1), after the function is added, you can drag the icon to create a folder on the desktop. Drag two file icons of the same type together, and the ScreenTip prompts for a new folder name, and the name you enter automatically replaces the default generated folder 1 folders (Figure 2).

Notice that when you drag the icon to another icon, the move text prompt appears and the feature is available.

If you want to uninstall this feature, run Setup again, click the Uninstall button in the pop-up window, and then display uninstalled to indicate that the feature is uninstalled (Figure 3).

If you drag a document to an application, what does it take to open the former? Wouldn't it be the same to put two files into a composite folder? So you can't use a program to open the B document? for example, by dragging a Word document onto the WordPad icon, you can force WordPad to open the Word document. Instead of using the default word to open it. Is this feature not going to expire now? The test shows that. If you want to use the software implementation program to mix and categorize your documents, drag the program to the document icon instead of dragging the document to the program icon. After the software is in effect, the system's own documents are dragged to the program icon the function of opening the document still works, and when the program is dragged to the document icon, the collation folder is automatically created.

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In addition, using a Files2folder software, you can use the right key to achieve the above functions. When the software is installed, selecting a file and selecting the Files 2 Folder command in the right-click menu will automatically create a folder with the same name as the file and move the file to the folder. If you select more than one file, you will be asked to enter the folder name when you create the folder. The software also supports nested folder operations, which means that folders are grouped into a new folder.

Customize shortcut keys to create a folder

Create a folder using a lower version of Windows system, always need to click on the menu or choose New from the right-click menu. Now, with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating systems, we can create a folder by simply clicking the New Folder button on the toolbar under the Home tab. If you use the keyboard, you can also create folders using the Ctrl+shift+n key combination.

However, this does not mean that there is no way in the lower version of Windows. If you're still using a lower version of Windows, and you want to use a different shortcut to create a new folder, try Mdaxelerator This small piece of software. The software runs back to a taskbar icon, which allows you to set a hotkey to use as a shortcut to create a folder (Figure 4).

Two ways to create a folder in bulk

Sometimes we need to set up a large number of folders at once, if manually built, it is a high-intensity "physical" work. With the help of the new Folder Wizard This small software to build, the efficiency will be greatly improved. The New Folder Wizard create folders in 5 ways, using prefixes, suffixes, comments, ordinal numbers, and call text.

Start new Folder Wizard software, determine the folder you want to create a series folder, define a new folder prefix, suffix or digital step increment parameters, click the "Preview" button to view the creation effect, and then click the "Create" button to complete the creation.

The software also supports the creation of a batch folder based on the TXT format list. When using, just create a blank txt file, enter the folder name in the branch, select the "Get directory name from text" option from new Folder Wizard, call the TXT file, click "Create" to set up the batch folder (Figure 5), but its disadvantage is not to support the establishment of multi-level folders.

In addition, we can create batch folders by using internal commands from the system and creating automatic batches. Batch processing can solve the problem of building multi-tier folders.

First, in any directory, build a text file "Volume folder Name list. txt", which is the listing of names to create a new folder, and one folder name. If it is a multilevel folder, write directly to the last folder on one line, such as "Abcdefghi". Build a file in the same directory, "bulk new folder. Bat", in the contents (Figure 6):

Echo Enter the folder name (one line) and press ENTER after the "Volume Folder List. txt"


For/f%%a in (Volume Folder List. txt) do (MD%%a)

Echo Bulk New Folder complete


Double-click to run the batch new folder. bat file, and the volume folder is automatically built.

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