How to bulk Add customer information when Word makes business invitation letter

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How to bulk Add customer information when Word makes business invitation letter

Select a contact

With the powerful mail merge feature in Word 2010, Xiao Huang can easily add batches of customers stored in Outlook contacts in a customer invitation.

1. In the prepared customer invitation document, switch to the Mail tab, in the Start Mail Merge option group, click the Select Recipients button and execute the Select from Outlook Contacts command in the Drop-down list that opens, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Selecting from Outlook Contacts

2. In the Select Contacts dialog box that opens, select the Customers contact list in Outlook (provided you have created the Accounts Contacts folder in Outlook), and then click OK, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Selecting a contact list

3. In the Incoming Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, you can see all customer information imported from Outlook. However, Xiao Huang only wants to send invitations to "manager" and "general manager" level customers, so he needs to click the Filter text link in the Adjust Recipient List option area to filter eligible customers, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Filtering customers

4. In the Filter and Sort dialog box that opens, set the field to title, compare to include, compare to "manager", or "general manager," as shown in Figure 4.).

Figure 4 Filter criteria

5. When you click the OK button to close the Filter and Sort dialog box, only the manager and general manager level customers are left in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box. You can check the information in the title column by dragging the horizontal scroll bar to the right in the recipient list box, as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 View Title

6. Finally, click the OK button to close the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, and the contact is added complete.

Insert Merge Field

When you import customer information from Outlook into an invitation document, customer information is not automatically displayed in the body, and you need to "Insert merge fields" to display information about the customer.

1. First, position the cursor where you want the customer's name to appear, then on the Mailings tab, in the Write and Insert Fields option group, click the Insert Merge field next triangle button, and then click the Name option in the Drop-down list that opens, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 Insert Name

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