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ADSL broadband users are very concerned about their speed of the internet for how much, in the end is fast or slow. And, there are a variety of software or testing sites to provide services to check the speed of the Internet. However, the speed of the Internet query, is a complex problem, not words can be clear about the problem. Computer Theme House (, we can understand the speed of broadband users from the following aspects.

First, understand the factors affecting the speed of the Internet

① Export Speed

The so-called export speed, refers to the ADSL is also ISP service providers, such as telecommunications, Unicom, railcom and other specialized network services provider, to provide you with the speed of the network. If you want to surf the Internet, you have to go through the telecom Unicom and so on, so the first level of Internet speed is how much bandwidth these ISPs offer us. Generally has 8M, 2M, 1M and so on speed.

② target Speed

The second factor that determines the speed of the Internet is the response speed of the target server resource, in addition to the Internet's decision to connect with the ISP. For example, you want to download a ppt file, now, we have a number of ways to go, because we can download the same software on different sites. Assuming that different Web servers, we are labeled A, B, C, D ... Wait We all know that the speed of downloading the same files on different websites is not the same. Because we are able to access these sites, the Web servers are also connected to the Internet through ISP services. Of course, their speed is also due to the ISP decided its first pass.

The effect of ③ on different period of flow

Take ② For example, if a certain period of time a site visits a lot of people, then, for visitors, the speed of the server must be down. Because the network bandwidth of the server is constant, however, the number of people who visit is much, each person's bandwidth will become smaller. Like a road, when the car is less, you can drive faster, more cars, the speed naturally slowed.

④ Other factors

Of course, there are other factors that affect the speed of your Internet connection. For example, if your network cable is not replaced for a long time, then, there must be quality problems, which will affect the speed. In addition, the line in the transmission of files, there is a signal attenuation, which is also affecting the speed of one of the reasons for the Internet.

Second, how to determine their own speed on the Internet

To really determine the speed of the Internet, it is not enough to look at some of the software, or it doesn't make any sense. The most scientific way is to compare the law. We can test two of people's broadband, for example, AB two are the same place, and are independent users of telecommunications. Then we can observe the two users, download the same resources at the same URL location to see who is fast and who is slow.

As shown below, we can see that the download speed is 78.20kb/s

This 78.20kb/s, is your download speed. Of course, some software download speed of the method is not kb/s, such as the ykbit/s, if so, you have to divide Y by 8 is the real download speed. Because 1byte=8*bit.

Of course, there is another way to use the ping command.

In the same ISP environment, different computer ping results are different, who time=xxms smaller, who the faster.

Well, to introduce you to here, in short, the speed of the Internet is difficult to accurately calculate, can only be roughly estimated, as long as the gap and ISP provider to the broadband speed gap is generally acceptable.

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