How to create real-time animation from 3DS MAX modeling to ogre

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How to create real-time animation from 3DS MAX modeling to ogre

3DS MAX is a powerful and common modeling tool that allows you to easily create bone animations. Ogre is an open-source graphics engine that supports vertex blending in bone animation. It also provides the import of multiple models, and of course the 3DS MAX Model is indispensable.

Here I will describe the entire process from creating a model in 3DS MAX to finally using this model to make real-time animation in ogre. This document provides only the steps and does not describe the implementation details of each step.

First of all, install the 3DS MAX and ogre sdks. In addition, it is particularly worth mentioning that you need to install the Ogre plug-in for exporting the. Max file. After installation, you can see it in the menu of 3DS MAX (you can also set the Ogre toolbar in max ). You can search for the Installation Method on the Internet or on the Ogre website.

Then, create a model in 3DS MAX. First, you need to create a mesh model. Second, you need to create a skeleton and bind the skeleton to the mesh vertex. Here, you must carefully adjust the bone weight. For details, refer to some of Max's tutorials.

Then, you need to use the plug-in installed earlier to export the. Max file to the. Mesh and. Skeleton files for ogre. You can select ogre exporter under Max script in the max menu, and set it according to the pop-up plug-in dialog box. export the Max file. mesh. XML and. skeleton. XML files (note that they are all. the XML file contains. xmlfile. Because of this, you can easily Upload File data and use the command line tool xmlconverter.exe to convert it. mesh. XML and. skeleton. convert the XML file. mesh and. the skeleton file (these two files are used by Ogre ).

finally, it is explicitly loaded in ogre. mesh file, and corresponding. the skeleton file is automatically loaded. Next you can call the function in ogre to implement real-time animation. You can call a function to call the animation specified in the MAX Model (such as walking and shooting). For the method, see the Ogre tutorial. You can also call a function to manually control the skeleton and generate an animation, for more information, see Article ogre manual bone control method. By default, the vertex blending technology is used to implement these animations.

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