How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record?

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How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record?

Sometimes we do not want to leave traces when we use the browser to browse the Web. In fact, it is very simple, you can set the deletion on the browser. The following Mac version Safari browsing record Delete tutorial, take a look at it!

How to delete the Mac version of Safari browsing record?

1, the hours for the period to delete the browsing traces

2, delete the day's browsing traces

3, delete the day and yesterday's browsing traces

4, delete all browsing records and related data

1. Select "Clear History and Website Data" in Safari menubar

2. Select a procedure in clear menu that you think is reliable

The Last Hour


Today and yesterday

All history

3, click "Clear History" Safari will erase the time period of the site data, Cookies, historical records and other related information. Clicking will take effect immediately and does not require you to recreate safari.

At the same time you will see a "browsing history with icloud account access device will be removed" prompts. This means that the operation will be performed on all Macs and iOS with the same account login and equipped with the latest version of Safari, which is also a good feature that can be used to remove the browser cache or history of a remote computer.

The above features will work well in the event you visit the site, but if you are trying to protect your privacy, a better solution is to prevent the temporary local storage of any Web site data. Basically this is Safari's privacy browsing mode, which can be found below in Safari's menu.

Safari automatically prohibits the browsing thread from all web history, caching cookies, or local caching of other forms of data when the mode is opened, and you will not leave any footprints after closing the window. The Privacy browsing mode is very easy to use and provides a secure, detached browsing experience on Mac and iOS devices.

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