How to install a Windows 2003/2008 system using the custom ISO function of Vultr VPS

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Generally, we need to build a VPS host, either directly purchase a Linux environment to build a network earning environment similar to PHP + MYSQL, or directly purchase a Windows system VPS/server to build an ASP \ ASP. NET website environment. In many projects, the old left shows that there are still few websites to build. Most of them have other project needs, especially for cost savings and WINDOWS systems, you can either purchase a cheap WINDOWS system VPS at a low cost, or try to install an ISO custom Windows environment in a Linux environment, or even use VNC to operate visual projects.


In the previous articles, I have shared with me how to install the Windows ISO environment using ConoHa and Vultr, as well as how to install VNC in many sections, in some cases, the old and new environments may be different from the current demonstration and installation. It is necessary to re-organize them all over time, for example, a friend mentioned that the ConoHa API method is invalid over the past few days (using the ConoHa VPS host API interface to customize the Windows system installation process). I did not verify the method either. I will try again later. Today, I want to share a new article about Vultr VPS custom ISO installation. I have shared this article before (the complete process of mounting ISO to install Windows 2003 in Vultr VPS), which is not too detailed, I will share a very detailed article today. If you don't know, there is no way.


1. Preparations before installing Windows


We need to install the Windows environment in the Vultr VPS. We need to have a few preparations, or we can't do it.


A-you must have a vultr account and A balance to activate the VPS host. If you do not have a vultr account, you can refer to the tutorial (the new VULTR account will be given $5 free account balance for 1 month.


The code is as follows: Copy code

Official website of VULTR:


B-prepare an available ISO system, which must be directly connected (which can be downloaded directly without a browser), because we need to add it to the ISO repository later, old Zuo originally wanted to share it, considering that copyright ownership and server ownership are still not released, if necessary, add a group request.


C-be patient and careful.


2. Add ISO to the Vultr ISO repository



After logging on to the background of the official VULTR website, we can see the figure above. Click the ISOS link to go to the ISO submit repository interface.



Enter the ISO address we have prepared above, and then UPLOAD the file by UPLOAD. In the following ISO list, we can see that the file is uploaded. You must upload the file 100% before you can perform the following installation. We also need to note that some ISO is complete, but the size is not consistent with the actual size. We have tested on the left that 2003 and 2008 can be installed. As long as we have a corresponding ISO system, it is best to include the driver. If not, we still need to upload the driver for loading, or we cannot connect to the Internet.


3. Activate VPS to mount the ISO system


Click Deploy in the menu to activate VPS. It is not difficult to select the IDC. We have 14 data centers and can choose any one. In order to take into account the installation speed and Operation convenience, the Tokyo data center is activated on the left.



Here is the key. In the system options, select 64-bit, then you can see the CUSTOM, and then select the previously uploaded ISO system in ISO. Next we will select a memory solution we need. For example, I will choose the MB solution. After all, I want to demonstrate it.


4. Install WINDOWS


Here, we choose whether to install 2003 or 2008 based on the uploaded ISO. Here, we use 2003 as the test. After adding it, we are waiting to activate the deployment.



As shown in the preceding figure, click View Console to check whether the deployment is successful.



If we are honored to see this interface, it means there is no problem with ISO. We can install WINDOWS. Here is a small prompt. After we activate VPS, wait a moment, then we will perform this step, because the mounting takes a little time, or we will not see the above WIN interface. Run ENTER and press ENTER to install the system.



F8 agrees to continue.



If you see the system disk, we generally do not need to partition it here. You can directly install the system disk by entering. If you need other projects, you can use the partition.



Before installing a new system, you need to format the system. Select the format type you need. This will be what we should know about installing the system (we will not use VPS people and netizens to install computer systems ).



Then execute the formatting process. Everything is automatic.



Copy the file. We only need to wait.



After the file is copied, it will also be installed automatically. What we can do is wait, because it is an SSD, and the time will soon be complete.


Step 5: basic settings for WINDOWS


Because it is an SSD disk, it is faster to copy files, and you can finish it with just one click and start the setup process.



If you have no special requirements, proceed to the next step.



With simple settings, nothing can be written.



There are many serial numbers on the Internet, which are different according to different system versions.



Set the number of connections. By default, the next step is also supported.



Set the WINDOWS logon password. Other tasks can be completed without any special steps. Then you need to wait for a while to copy the system file to complete the installation.


VI. Vultr VPS installation for Windows


After a long wait, execute the above installation and the installation will start automatically.



On the logon page we are familiar with, enter the previously set logon password.



No? No? One step in place is successful, because the old Left uses the ISO integrated with the NIC driver, so do not attach the NIC driver, saving a lot of time.


To sum up, we can use this article to Customize WINDOWS installation in vultr vps. They are allowed by themselves. Unlike some VPS service providers that do not allow us to secretly install WINDOWS, they will be blocked, in VULTR, custom installation is allowed. We will consider the copyright of the system. Here, we will share all the information about installing WINDOWS in Vultr VPS. If not, I did not take it seriously, or what happened?
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