How to install the Windows 10 Preview on a Mac

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Earlier this month, Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 system and its first preview version for all users to download the experience. As we tested, Windows 10 was still fluent on the Core 2 notebooks a few years ago, and it was clearer for different versions of the device, especially for traditional desktop hardening, which is expected to save Windows 8 users.

However, if you are an Apple Mac user and want to experience the Windows 10 Preview, it may be a bit of a hassle. So, how do you install the Windows 10 Preview on your Mac? Interested friends may wish to refer to this article.

  Determine the form of installation

Installing Windows on a Mac can basically be done in two ways: virtual machines and dual systems. The first way is actually under the MAC system virtual Windows environment, the advantage is stable, do not need to reboot to use Windows 10, easier to manage and use, but the disadvantage is that the hardware requirements are relatively high, we recommend at least 8GB of RAM.

As for the dual system, mainly through the boot camp software to install the Windows 10 Preview version, with a dual-boot screen, you need to make a choice on the power-on (of course, you can also set a system by default). This form is relatively independent, including storage partitions are relatively independent, but lower requirements for hardware, 4GB Ram older Mac can also be used. However, you may need to reinstall your Windows system if you have a major update to your Mac OS version.

  Virtual machine installs Windows 10 preview version

Whichever way you install the Windows 10 Preview, we need to download the ISO file first, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. The choice of the virtual machine includes VirtualBox, VMware and so on, here take VirtualBox as an example to explain. The overall installation is not complicated, just like using a Mac software, follow the steps to select the System version (Windows 8, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions, is required because Windows 10 is not officially launched).

Then, VirtualBox will ask you how much RAM you allocate to Windows, the default is 2048MB, and you can distribute it according to your Mac hardware. Storage, you need to divide a virtual hard disk to Windows, the default is 25GB, you can also adjust themselves. After that, you can install it as if you were installing Windows on your PC by selecting ISO, and you need to be aware of choosing a new installation rather than an upgrade.

Once installed, you can use the Windows 10 Preview in a virtual window and, of course, full-screen effects.

  Install Windows 10 preview with Boot camp

If you prefer a more traditional format, you can use the Boot Camp tool to install the Windows 10 Preview version. First of all, the need to make the ISO into a bootable U disk, and then find the Boot Camp tool in the Mac, for Windows to allocate hard disk space, it is recommended to choose at least 20GB of space. The Boot camp then restarts the system and enters the Windows Installer interface, which is basically consistent with the installation on the PC. After the reboot, press and hold the keyboard option key to choose from the Mac and Windows 10 preview.

  Working with effects

In total, the compatibility of Windows 10 previews on Mac devices is good, and the touchpad enables a lot of efficient operation, but it's more comfortable with the mouse. The incompatible parts mainly focus on the automatic screen brightness adjustment, the MacBook keyboard backlight and so on.

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