How to install the Windows Server 2008 operating system to an HP server

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installing the server operating system

1. Preparation Tool: (1) One monitor (with keyboard mouse)

(2) U disk One

Disk Preparation files: (1) Windows Server R2 system files

(2) System Activation tool

2. Ideas:

(1) Configuring the disk array RAID5

(2) Installing the operating system

(3) Disk partitioning

(4) Activating the operating system

3. Disk array RAID configuration

(1) Start the server, press F10 to start the HP Intelligent Provisioning, select Perform maintenance, then select HP Smart Storage Administrator to open the HP SSA graphical interface for R The configuration of the AID.

(2) Click Create Array

(3) Tick Select all, then click Next in the lower right corner

(4) Click Create Logical Drive

(5) Tick the pattern of the array you want to create RAID5, others remain the same, then click Next.

(6) Then the creation was successful and you can see the interface to create the success.

(7) After configuring the RAID, click on the HP left side of the upper right corner to restart the computer logo, and then install the system.

4. Installing the operating system

(1) Start the server, press F10 to start the HP Intelligent Provisioning

(2) Click Intelligent Provisioning

(3) Select customized and USB Key

(4) Set user name and password

(5) Select System files (pre-existing USB flash drive)

(6) Wait for the computer to read automatically

(7) Complete the installation

5. Disk Partitioning

(1) Open Server Manager, select Disk Management in the list on the left

(2) Right click on the C drive, select the compressed volume

(3) partition complete, modify the new disk name

6. Using the Activation tool Permanent activation Operating System

(1) after installing the server-R2 x64-bit system on the servers or virtual machines, cmd running under administrator executes the following command:

SLMGR-IPK bx4wb-3wtb8-hcrc9-bffg3-fw26f (Activation key)

slmgr-skms (full computer)

Slmgr-ato (activating Windows)

(2) The following prompt will pop up when the command finishes executing

(3) At this point, use the downloaded Activation tool to activate.

(4) Select Yes, perform activation. The system restarts automatically when the activation is complete.

(5) At this point, the system has been fully activated.

(6) CMD running under Administrator Execute the following command to view the activation status :


To activate the software download link:

How to install the Windows Server 2008 operating system to an HP server

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