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Now the site, the placement of ads more and more outrageous, after entering, first give you pop-up two or three windows, and then occupy the entire browser window page display area of the huge flash ads, stay a while "reluctantly" to disappear. Look at the page again, dazzling banner banner ads, you move it also moved hover ads, wandering around the floating ads, and so on, really do nothing. Plus the occasional pop-up ActiveX control and plug-in installation download, Run prompt dialog box, Java applet required to install the Java Virtual Machine prompt box, it is a lot of trouble, but also increased the burden of the system.

In general, the use of browser settings and Third-party software help to block annoying ads is a common method.

First, browser settings

In IE to intercept ads, this is done primarily by setting the options in the security and advanced two property pages in the tools Internet options, such as selecting the Internet in a secure page, then customizing the level, and setting the appropriate options in ActiveX controls and Plug-ins and script nodes to disabled. Or simply choose a high security level, you can make pop-up windows, floating and flash ads, plug-in balloon, Java applet, etc. disappear. In the Advanced page, remove the appropriate options from the multimedia node to prevent the playback or display of pictures, animations, sounds, and videos.

How does IE block annoying pop-up ads on the web? Now the ads are pervasive, many sites open at the same time will pop-up ads page, it is really annoying, how do we do? Of course, it is blocked off, but how to set it can be achieved? Internet Options, click the Tool button in the top right corner of IE and choose Internet Options from the menu

In the Internet Options window, select the Privacy tab and "Open Pop-up Blocker" is OK!

As shown in the figure above, you can also click Settings for more advanced settings. You can add a list of allowed sites in exceptions, and you can select High, medium, low three filter levels in the filter level

Now you don't have to be harassed by pop-up ads anymore!

PS: But when the script is banned, pop-up windows and floating ads are gone, and other functions and effects that are implemented by the script are not seen. This is clearly not what we need, this requires Third-party software to help:

Second, third party software

1.Hitware Popup Killer Lite 3 (HPK Lite 3)

There are numerous pop-up blocker tools available for us to choose from, the HPK Lite 3 has the characteristics of high interception rate, intelligence, free and easy to use.! Flash 2.1

No! Flash is a free multimedia advertising interception tool that allows/disables scripts, pictures, videos, animated pictures, and sounds.


Online plug-ins would have been convenient for many friends, but some friends for various reasons do not want to install these plug-ins, and manual unloading and more trouble, but also difficult to escape the automatic installation of "Doom", this time can try NotTroubleMe1.2

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