How to make keyword ranking more stable

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Without ranking, it means that traffic and income will be affected. How can we make the ranking more stable. The ranking of the website's main keywords on Baidu is always unstable and changes fast. This week ranked Baidu's first page. Next week, it fell to 20 or thirty pages, and even disappeared. In another week, one or two new keywords are listed on Baidu's first page. However, after a while, the ranking has dropped a lot. In addition to affecting the website, webmasters are also physically and mentally exhausted.

To solve the keyword ranking, the following elements are provided: first, optimization competition in the same industry. In SEO optimization, which is highly competitive, no one can always be the first. Competition always exists. If your ranking falls by a few places, and the station originally ranked below you ran above you, it means your technology needs to be improved! The rankings at the moment do not indicate that you are a strong person and your peers will constantly learn your optimization methods. So sometimes, although you are ranked first, you should also look at some optimization methods that are lower than your ranking. The second important file is deleted or changed. The hosts file prohibits all spider access. The decline in keyword ranking is normal. However, in this case, modifying important files and removing Trojans as soon as possible cannot solve the problem of overwriting the backup program. It is also the top priority for webmasters to do a good job of security. Third, the search engine changes the algorithm. The algorithm of search engine calculation is changed, and the general keyword ranking drop is relatively small, but it cannot be said that no. I want to know if the search engine has changed the algorithm, you can check the websites that are in the same rank as yourself and see how their rankings are. If they all fall together, then it is possible to change the algorithm, what if the algorithm changes? View the websites with a higher ranking than you now, analyze them and draw a conclusion that you will know how to do it. The fourth link is to the black site. When you directly link to a few websites that have been cheated by K or run cheating techniques, your "innocent" website will also be concerned because of their cheating behaviors. Don't feel wronged, the search engine is telling you to stay away from cheating black sites, so remove these black sites and cut off the relationship to prove your innocence! Downgrading other websites on your server will also affect your website. The fifth space server is unstable. The stability of the website's space server is one of the important factors that determine the ranking. If the server cannot guarantee stability, the ranking will be impossible.

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