How to quickly clean up windows garbage and the registry

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You can create a new text document and copy the following code into it

@echo off

ECHO is clearing the system garbage file, please wait ...













del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemporary Internet files*.*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemp*.*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%recent*.*"

echo clearance System, LJ, complete!

After saving, change the original. txt extension of the text document to. bat, when you think the system has garbage, or run slowly, double-click to execute it OK.

Why is it rare to use third-party software for garbage cleanup? That is because the system with the command more useful, and the old computer can not afford those who have nothing to do with the whole family bucket of things, just because of the need for a function to install them, it is not worth the candle.

As for the way to clean up the registry, there are two commonly used Cfan small series, the first is the code.

After running the command as an administrator, copy the following code into the carriage return execution

REG ADD "hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsselfhostapplicability"/V "branchname"/d "fbl_release"/t reg_sz/f

REG ADD "hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsselfhostapplicability"/V "thresholdrisklevel"/d "low"/t reg_sz/f

reg delete "hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsselfhostapplicability"/V "thresholdinternal"/F

reg delete "hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowsselfhostapplicability"/V "Thresholdoptedin"/F

You can restore the registry to its original state, but it is not recommended to be used frequently, which can invalidate many of the installed software, or some tools that need to be injected into the registry will not work properly.

To check if the registry is the most initial state, look at this subkey.

Another is the famous CCleaner, is not a small part of the monk to say that foreign monks good chanting, but it relatively clean, relatively simple to use, cleaning up the registry redundant options are also very authentic.

And before cleaning up the registry, you can back up the original entries of the registry, clean up after the problem to recover at any time, it is not like some software, on your computer always do something that can not be described oh. Tools Software Tutorials

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