How to restart IIS server

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The cause of an error on the IIS server is complex. Errors such as service startup failure, IIS server process interruption, or site failure will be recorded in system logs. No matter what errors occur in IIS, you should use the Event Viewer to view related events recorded in system logs before determining the troubleshooting solution.

Some errors are apparently caused by hardware damage to the server, while others are often imperceptible due to software. This section provides guidance on general IIS troubleshooting.

Restart the IIS server

According to the general troubleshooting methods and fault solutions of Microsoft products, most software problems can be solved by restarting them. As one of the new features of IIS5.0, we can restart the IIS server service without restarting the computer, and even solve serious problems.

Restarting the IIS service forces the system to reset the memory space of the IIS process. Therefore, problems caused by memory errors can be solved. The method of Restarting IIS is mainly used in the following situations: the website application is paralyzed and cannot be effectively controlled; the website application is abnormal or unstable.

[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] When the IIS service is restarted, all current connections cannot be retained, and all sites on the server cannot work during restart. If you cannot solve the problem by restarting the IIS service, the restart of the server will not be effective.

When the site application does not work properly, restart the IIS service of the server following the steps below:

1. Expand the IIS node in the IIS server management control tree and select the computer to restart the IIS service.

2. Click the operations menu and Select Restart IIS ].

3. In the "Stop/start/restart" dialog box, select IIS for restarting the server from the "What Do You Want IIS to do" drop-down list, and click "OK ].

4. In the close dialog box, the IIS restart progress is displayed. If the dialog box does not respond for a long time, click end now and perform the preceding operations again.

Note: you cannot use the HTML-based IIS Manager Remote Management Mode) to perform the preceding restart operation.

For the stability of a single site, you do not have to restart the entire IIS process, as long as you restart the site. Here we will explain how to restart the IIS server.

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