How to Use sftp in FileZilla in Windows

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Key file generated by puttygen.exe (SSH-2 RSA)

Public Key and private key respectively

Server :~ /. Ssh/authorized_keys

Copy the public key to the openssh authentication file.

Client FileZilla:

Edit-> set-> SFTP-> Add password file-> select the generated private key file.

File-> Site Manager-> New Site-> Fill in ip address and port-> select sftp-> login type "normal", then enter root, leave the password blank.

Click Connect. the following error occurs:

Command: keyfile rsa-key-FileZilla.ppk"

Command: open root@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX 22

Command: Pass:

Error: authentication failed.

Error: critical error

Error: unable to connect to the server

The key is the same private key, which can be properly authenticated and connected to winscp and pageant.

Is this encryption type not supported by FileZilla ???

Find wiki

It is indeed a problem of SSH-2 RSA encryption, FileZilla if you want to support SSH-2 RSA encryption, need other tools Putty, first to convert the key into Putty ppk format, this is the key that I used to use this tool, so there is no problem, and then you need to use pageant as a proxy for normal use, hosting the key in pageant, enable FileZilla to select sftp and use it normally.

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