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Many people may not have a special understanding of juniper enterprise-level routing. Next we will give a comprehensive introduction to juniper enterprise-level routing certification, so that you can have a better understanding of juniper routing. Juniper network, a high-performance network leader, today announced the launch of the juniper enterprise-level route certification shortcut plan in the Asia-Pacific region, which is expected to end by December 31 this year from now on.

Through this plan, Juniper will help engineers with Cisco Series certification, such as CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE, and quickly obtain Juniper enterprise-level route technology certification from juniper free of charge, in this way, the technology of the entire industry can be fully understood and mastered.

As Juniper continues to break through the enterprise market in addition to the high-end juniper enterprise-level routing market, more and more enterprises are applying Juniper's security products, juniper enterprise-level routing platforms, and WAN optimization products. The Juniper enterprise-level route certification shortcut program launched by juniper is based on the use of Juniper products by more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

"The rapid development of high-performance enterprise network technology has promoted the development of network engineer certification for the entire Asia-Pacific region," said Mr. Min Hong, enterprise and Channel director of Juniper network in Greater China, "This JUNOS certification program was launched in a timely manner to accelerate the knowledge of Juniper products by engineers in this industry, so as to cooperate with the continuous popularization of Juniper products in the industry."

"With the increasing popularity of Juniper products, especially the addition of secure route lines, more and more enterprises are adopting or considering Juniper products, "Jia canghai, Technical Director of the Shenzhou digital security network business department at juniper enterprise-level route and Cisco dual-certification, said," compared with Cisco certification of the same type, the juniper enterprise-level router certification products have outstanding knowledge breadth and depth, and are more operational. During the examination, trainees must have a good understanding of the products and actual operation requirements. Through this certification, engineers will be greatly improved in terms of professionalism, product awareness, and technical enhancement ."

It is reported that Juniper's latest series of certifications include four levels, from the initial JNCIA, JNCIS to advanced JNCIP and JNCIE, covering firewall, IDP, ssl vpn and other technical fields. This fully satisfies the enterprise's current and future network technology requirements, and reflects Juniper's global grasp of the entire enterprise network market.

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