How Windows 7 quickly switches IP scripts

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I use dynamic IP at home, in the company to use fixed IP, so often need to switch back and forth IP settings, very troublesome! Today is unbearable, I put together a script to ease the trouble of switching IP back and forth! I'm afraid I have forgotten.


@echo off

REM//Set Variable

Set name= "Local Area Connection"

REM//The following property values can be changed as needed

Set addr=

Set mask=

Set gateway=

Set dns1=

Set dns2=

REM//The above properties are IP address, subnet mask, gateway, preferred DNS, alternate DNS

Echo currently available actions are:

Echo 1 is set to static IP

Echo 2 is set to dynamic IP

Echo 3 exits

echo Please select rear carriage return:

set/p operate=

If%operate%==1 Goto 1

If%operate%==2 Goto 2

If%operate%==3 Goto 3

: 1

echo is setting static IP, please wait ...

REM//Can be changed according to your needs

echo IP address =%addr%

echo mask =%mask%

echo Gateway =%gateway%

netsh interface ipv4 set address name=%name% source=static addr=%addr% mask=%mask% gateway=%gateway% gwmetric=0 >nul

echo Preferred DNS =%dns1%

netsh interface ipv4 set DNS name=%name% source=static addr=%dns1% register=primary >nul

echo Alternate DNS =%dns2%

netsh interface ipv4 add DNS name=%name% addr=%dns2% index=2 >nul

echo static IP is set!


Goto 3

: 2

Echo is setting up dynamic IP, please wait ...

ECHO is automatically getting IP addresses from DHCP ...

netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" DHCP

ECHO is automatically getting DNS addresses from DHCP ...

netsh interface ip set DNS "Local Area Connection" DHCP

echo Dynamic IP has been set!


Goto 3

: 3


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