If the old computer is unable to enter the system after it is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but still wants to use Windows 10, what should I do ?, Windows7windows10

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If the old computer is unable to enter the system after it is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but still wants to use Windows 10, what should I do ?, Windows7windows10

Let's talk about my configuration: The acer aspire 5520 GB in 08 years, a very old computer, except the memory is added to 4 GB, the rest remain unchanged. The official version only supports Windows 7 and the official version does not support Windows 10.

When I launched the Windows 10 Update assistant on Windows 7, I made an appointment for the first time. The assistant showed that I could upgrade it (without any upgrade problems). I was so happy for a long time ..

When Windows 10 was released in July 29, I upgraded it as soon as possible (How can I upgrade Windows 10 immediately without waiting for batch pushing from Microsoft?).

However, after the upgrade, the system started to see the new start icon, and the system immediately restarted and kept repeating. Later, there was no way to roll back to Windows 7, first, share the following rollback steps (the steps are the same as "Unlimited restart, rolling back to WIN7 successfully, recovery method" and are referenced from the 360 security community ):

① When the White Circle under the Win10 blue window Logo is turned around, it takes 5 seconds, and then press the power button forcibly until the notebook is shut down.
② Restart the computer and repeat the previous step two or three times until the recovery page appears.

③ Click "view advanced repair options", click "Troubleshooting", click "advanced options", and click "back to previous version"

Note: It may appear in the middle: select the user name you want to restore and enter the password of the user name. If not, press Enter. You may need to enter the key. If the key does not exist, click to ignore the drive.

4. Click "back to previous version" to return to the operating system before the upgrade.

5. If it is stuck on this interface for more than 20 minutes. Force shutdown, restart your computer, start recovery, and wait patiently

⑤ After restoration, if the WIN10 blue Prompt window cannot be installed, close the window and wait a few minutes for the black screen.

Later I checked the tracking situation, as if it was caused by a fight between some drivers in win7 and win10 ..

Win7 is back, but I still want to use win10. What should I do? I can use it! After testing, you can only use the following methods:

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