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In the face of increasingly complex IT applications and a variety of it needs, how to provide high-quality it O & M support has become the core concern of many enterprises. As an international management specification and methodology based on the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) standard, IT service management (ITSM) improves the efficiency of information services for enterprises, it provides effective help for high-quality service-centered management. As one of the content of ITSM, the importance of knowledge base management cannot be ignored. O & M knowledge elements: ◆ record it application or device faults ◆ provide a series of effective solutions ◆ owner, easy to maintain and track ◆ belongs to one or more categories, easy to search and collect statistics ◆ has a life cycle. When it is no longer serving or replaced by more effective methods, the Knowledge release process should be "retired" in a timely manner: knowledge Base Management includes role division, process customization, and information collection. Knowledge Extraction steps can be roughly divided into: submission, assignment, approval, and release approval. The process can be omitted or divided into multiple levels, however, too complicated planning is not conducive to knowledge transfer and implementation of the system. Knowledge Base function: ◆ a typical case of knowledge sharing is that it support staff of many enterprises often solve the same problem of users repeatedly. If most of the problems and their solutions can be easily obtained from the knowledge base, IT support staff can be freed from repetitive work and other new problems can be solved, to improve work efficiency and reduce IT maintenance costs. ◆ The establishment of the knowledge transfer knowledge base has greatly promoted the knowledge transfer, which is conducive to improving the overall level of the IT service department. ◆ Avoiding knowledge loss sharing also means avoiding information islands and knowledge loss. Many tacit knowledge is concentrated in the minds of job workers. Some IT application operations or troubleshooting methods may only be known to developers at first, knowledge Base Management can effectively avoid the loss of knowledge caused by the loss of personnel. ◆ Improve the O & M response speed and quality, and increase the number and knowledge structure to a certain standard knowledge base. As a powerful it O & M repository, the O & M Knowledge Base tool should have convenient and efficient search functions, it is undoubtedly a shortcut to quickly respond to IT service requirements. In general, the solution that can enter the knowledge base is the most correct, standard, and efficient. Fast and high-quality troubleshooting means improving customer satisfaction, which is undoubtedly the ultimate goal of it O & M. ◆ IT application information O & M Knowledge Base mining and analysis is not only an information collection and sorting tool, but also a data analysis and statistical tool. It is not difficult to find a lot of useful information from statistical data such as FAQ, knowledge click rate, number of user requests to be solved, and knowledge life cycle. IT service providers can easily discover potential problems, analyze trends, and help develop future priorities, plans, and budgets.

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