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There are many examples in reality, including me, if my girlfriend is good to me, then I will find ways to her good, I also have a website, I feel that the site and search engine is the same truth, if the site of search engine friendly, then the search engine on the site will also be very good, why do you say so?

Search engine needs is an endless stream of original content to help search engine growing and growth, so the site to the search engine really good, then must be for search engines to contribute a lot of original content, this is the site to obtain search engine recognition of the first step, on the contrary if your site does not want to be recognized Then you can block the search engine crawl, the use of NT tags can be. Let me give you a few examples:

ADMIN5 site Everyone knows it, grassroots webmaster first, every day more than tens of thousands of traffic from Baidu into this site, then what is the reason why the A5 site so popular with the search engine and user attention?


From the figure we can see that are ranked first keywords, below we analyze the admin5 to get search engine friendly reasons:

1, from the content, every day A5 site has a large number of original content to show out, these content not only enrich the content of the site, but also to obtain the support of search engines, imagine dozens of articles a day of the original article search engine can not be happy? If your site can do this too, I think the search engine will also provide your site with a reasonable ranking of the site.

2, from the site's functional layout, A5 site provides webmaster transactions, webmaster Tools, and so a series of functional zoning, which is the support of search engines, we think some excellent features can not provide more users of the search engine? So A5 so support the search engine, Then the search engine is bound to return to the site with more benefits. Webmaster In doing the site can take advantage of this, as far as possible to develop some new features, perhaps these new features will be able to get search engine support, improve the ranking of the site.

3, as far as possible to do the internal optimization of the site, in reality, we can see that if the quality of both sexes is not good enough, then no matter how can not be happy, the site is the same, it is true that the site to search engine friendly may cause the attention of search engines, but if the quality of their own site is not high enough, then what to promote it A5 site links, within the chain, the site layout are very scientific and reasonable, we can see the site layout, top hyperlinks are done very carefully, such a site intrinsic quality is high enough, but also meet the requirements of the search engine content, such a site can not develop it?

I think that doing the site with a person is the same truth, more to make progress, more learning, you can adapt to society, and those who only know from the search engine to obtain traffic from the webmaster, sooner or later will be eliminated by the search engine, this is the search engine survival, I hope that the webmaster in the process of operating the site can be as real as possible to their friends and men as friendly. This article from the Tianya Studio, reproduced please keep the author link, thank you.

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