Install Windows XP + driver in ASUS a8se Series

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1: Download the driver and System Disk

2: Brush BIOS (optional)

3: install the system. Select SATA mode. install XP SP2 and then upgrade SP3. Because many drivers only support SP2

4: Install the driver in sequence (Be sure to install the driver in sequence)

My notebook is a z99se Series

If an error is reported during downloading and unzipping, change 04 or 01 to 02 or 03 and download again. Thank you!

Chip Application Win XP

Atkosd2 application Win XP

Atk0100 power management driver for WINXP

Atk_hotkey application Win XP

ATK generic Function Application

Audio Effect card correction file (Simplified Chinese Version) (download and decompress it and find the kb888111sp2 SP2 file in the CHS folder to run it)

Audio Card Driver "audio card driver for Windows XP (install the sound card correction file before installing the audio card driver )"

ATI display driver for Windows XP

Windows XP infrared driver

Network Driver for Windows XP

"Modem driver for Windows XP
(Install the sound card correction file before installing the driver )"

Ricoh card reader Win XP

Touchpad driver for Windows XP

Power-saving utility Win XP

Wireless console wireless network controller application Win XP

AW-NE-770 wireless network drivers and Applications

GE-780 wireless network drivers and applications for Windows XP
3945abg_4965agn Wireless Network Driver and application Win XP
The driver installation sequence is as follows:
1. Intel chip applications
2. atkdrv Application
3. atk_hotkey Application
4. atkosd2 Application
5. kb_filter driver Driver
6. display the driver vga_xp_080718
7. Audio Card correction file uaa_chs_xp_080603
8. Audio Card Driver
9. w_console _ wireless network controller application
10. wireless network drivers and Applications
It doesn't matter if the other software is installed in a casual order.
In addition, when installing the ATI graphics card driver, we recommend that you select a custom installation in the English-only directory. For example, D: \ driver \ VGA ''It is recommended that you do not have any path with Chinese characters'' To avoid unknown and unnecessary troubles.. net, decompress the video card driver to the English directory during installation. That is to say, your driver cannot be a Chinese path with any Chinese characters. then you can install the ''Chinese directory. If you cannot install CCC normally or you cannot open it after installing CCC

Install XP SP2 and then upgrade SP3

Systems that can be installed can be integrated with winxpsp2 2in1 in the autumn Forum 2008 Spring edition v2008.1 [698 m + 190 m]

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