Install high definition Audio Sound Card in Windows XP SP3

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Nowadays, most human installation systems usually directly install SP3 (if you want to use XP ). However, if your computer has a high definition audio device, you need to install the high definition audio (hda) device. Then, you need to install Microsoft's universal audio architecture (uaa) patch at least, in Windows XP SP1, we usually need to install kb835221, while in Windows XP SP2, we need kb888111 patch. However, Microsoft has not released a uaa patch under SP3, which brings great difficulties to SP3 friends.


1. Start -- run -- enter Regedit to start the registry, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/CurrentControlSet/control/windows, and find the DWORD Value csdverision.

If the value is in hexadecimal 100 or decimal 256, the system displays the service pack version as SP1. If the value is in hexadecimal 200 or decimal 512, the service pack version displayed by the system is SP2. If it is in hexadecimal notation 300 or decimal notation 768, the service pack version displayed by the system is SP3. Now, change it to 200 (HEX ).

After restart, reinstall the kb888111sp2 SP2 patch, then install the sound card driver, and then restart. We are prompted that the registry should be changed back after the sound card is installed, because if it is not changed, the machine will be smart to download system patches for you, and you have already installed these patches.

2. Install the uaa patch under SP3 without modifying the registry.

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