Install Ubuntu Amarok and solve several common problems

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I. Installation

* Search for Amarok from synaptic or kpackagekit (kubuntu default software management) of the new software package manager and select install
* Enter apt: amarok in the address bar of the Firefox browser.
* Install from APT-GET command:
Sudo apt-Get install Amarok

Ii. FAQs
1. decoding package (installation without sound)

Sudo apt-Get install libxine1-ffmpeg

2. Ubuntu Amarok garbled Solution

Garbled characters appear in the MP3 list, as follows:
1. Install Python-mutagen
Sudo apt-Get install Python-mutagen
2. Switch the terminal CD command to your MP3 folder
CD ****
3. Terminal execution
Find.-INAME "*. MP3"-execdir mid3iconv-e GBK -- remove-v1 {}\;
Reload the MP3 file. Everything is normal.

3. Chinese interface

If the installation of Amarok is an English menu, you must install the KDE Chinese package to display the Chinese menu.

Sudo apt-Get install language-pack-KDE-zhlanguage-pack-KDE-ZH-Base

After installing the decoder, we can solve the problem of silent playback of Amarok.

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