Install zabbix_agents_2.2.0 under Windows

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Download and Unzip

Download zabbix_agents_2.2.0


Unzip to the C drive below, installation does not necessarily unzip to the C drive below, but the configuration file must be in the C packing directory

When you go to the folder, you see

Conf directory is the agent configuration file bin file that holds Windows 32-bit and 64-bit installers


Locate the configuration file under Conf, and modify the three parameters logfile, Server, hostname. The specific configuration is as follows:



Hostname= Client Host Name

serveractive= #zabbix Server Address

Where logfile is the Zabbix log storage address. Server is the IP address of the Zabbix service side. Hostname is the native machine name.

For Windows systems, enter hostname to get the hostname under CMD

Install Agent Client

After the change, copy it, put it in the C packing directory, and rename it to Zabbix

Under Windows Console, execute the following command:

My Windows is 64 bit, should use 64 bit of it

C:\\bin\win64\zabbix_agentd.exe–c C:\\conf\ –i

But this execution will be an error.

Should be entered into the directory and then executed

Start Agent Client

C:\\bin\win64\zabbix_agentd.exe–c C:\\conf\ –s

The above is also not possible ...

See if the service's up yet.

and start it.

Go to the catalogue and look, there's a log, yo.

The log contents are as follows:

2332:20160801:094359.325 starting Zabbix Agent [yangxu-pc]. Zabbix 2.2.0 (revision 40147).
2332:20160801:094359.326 using Configuration file:c:\\conf\
5100:20160801:094359.342 Agent #0 started [collector]
4484:20160801:094359.343 Agent #1 started [listener #1]
4624:20160801:094359.344 Agent #2 started [listener #2]
3204:20160801:094359.344 Agent #3 started [listener #3]
3300:20160801:094359.344 Agent #4 started [active checks #1]
3300:20160801:094420.367 Active Check configuration update from [] started to fail (cannot connect to [[]:10051]: [0x0000274c] The connection attempt failed because the connecting party did not respond correctly after a period of time or the connected host was unresponsive. )
3300:20160801:094923.482 Active Check configuration update from [] is working again
3300:20160801:094923.482 no active checks on Server:host [yangxu-pc] not found
4324:20160801:095039.457 starting Zabbix Agent [yangxu-pc]. Zabbix 2.2.0 (revision 40147).
4324:20160801:095039.457 using Configuration file:c:\\conf\
4596:20160801:095039.460 Agent #0 started [collector]
3644:20160801:095039.460 Agent #1 started [listener #1]
2684:20160801:095039.460 Agent #4 started [active checks #1]
4244:20160801:095039.460 Agent #2 started [listener #2]
4660:20160801:095039.461 Agent #3 started [listener #3]
2684:20160801:095039.468 no active checks on Server:host [yangxu-pc] not found
3300:20160801:095123.503 no active checks on Server:host [yangxu-pc] not found

Should be for I have not opened Zabbix server, do not fail to blame

Login to the browser interface

Be sure to add a template to the host, or the z is always gray

Don't forget to click the Add button and then archive

Install zabbix_agents_2.2.0 under Windows

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