Installation screenshot of Windows 8 Beta 64-bit Simplified Chinese consumer Preview (30 P)

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The ISO download page was released yesterday. It is installed next morning. By the way. It is installed in the Virtualbox virtual machine. The setting process is omitted. Note that you should not directly load the ISO file into the virtual optical drive, and then load the virtual Optical Drive.

The 64-bit installation package is nearly 1 GB longer than the 32-bit installation package.

Click a thumbnail to view the larger image.

The beta version of fish is also Metro

Metro Logo

Next step

This is genuine.

The license agreement. Is it true?

New Installation

For a single disk, 9.4 GB is required after full installation.

There is no pressure on the ssd hard disk because it is not a long wait.


It seems that I want to restart twice. I didn't say anything for the first time, and I don't need to start from the CD for the second time.

Start setting and name it

To show more and not use Quick settings, we customize

To enable the network, you need to connect to the Internet in a network environment

By default, as long as you do not download the genuine verification for me ......

Very kind, all open

I can't hide it if you want to know where I am.

Enter your Live ID here. If you do not have one, you can write other mailboxes.

If there is no duplicate, you can create a Microsoft account here. You can regard it as a Live ID. Like the rumor, Microsoft account will replace the name of Live ID.

Configure user data

Hi, it's me.

Hi, Metro.

Complete "All Applications", which are pulled to the header on both sides and then put together

Move the mouse to the lower right corner and click Settings.

Computer settings, miss the control panel edition?

Switch the Win key to the desktop. how uncomfortable is it to cancel the Start menu?


Run points

Computer Properties

Resource Manager

Today, many websites have used videos. I believe you have also read them. I personally feel that this system has made windows phone 7 and windows desktop systems work together, and the result is nothing like that. The keyboard and mouse are hard to control Metro, And the touch screen is hard to use on traditional desktop systems. Will win8 be just a trial transitional product like vista? It still needs to be decided by users.

Engadget evaluation video and article:


OK is over. Later, we will provide you with visual studio 11 installation and simple comments.

I hope this article will help you.



Promote the XNA game world by the way

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