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I saw a very interesting news.

Since the "YouTube" that Google bought for $1.65 billion, YouTube has been on the Internet, and there have been a lot more litigation and lawsuits in the IT industry.

Utube again this time. please note that it is not YouTube. although their names are pronounced the same. utube is a company in Ohio that sells second-hand tube manufacturing machinery, which is completely different from YouTube.

However, utube has sued YouTube.

Because of the popularity of YouTube, utube's website also received an additional high traffic flow, from 1500 visitors each month to more than 2 million visitors each month. Isn't that a good thing? Why does utube still need to sue YouTube?

Utube boss Ralph girkins said in a statement (via CNET): "(traffic surge) is a huge price and confusion for us. Our contact with customers is interrupted, so we are afraid that it will affect sales. "What this boss said is actually justified, because we all thought was, so we went in and checked it out. Furthermore, those users who originally searched for utube saw YouTube as the first search result, and thought that utube was not a mechanical product but a video service. Therefore, utube may lose potential customers, in addition, it may cause some confusion to existing customers.

The boss gave an example: "We were even sued by Australian police. They said we provided child pornography on our website. I personally hate this situation very much. Such confusion will damage our business. "Obviously, if he is talking about facts, even the Australian police think and are the same, because only provides video content in the form, including pornographic content. This is indeed a very sympathetic experience.

Utube has sued YouTube for either suspending its use of the domain name or compensating for all losses resulting from the impact on utube. Ralph girkins said he did not intentionally provoke a lawsuit, but he had to do so because the company's business was greatly threatened. Because utube was founded in 1985 and Its website was launched in 1994, it took nearly 10 years to build an image, but it was suddenly screwed up by the popular YouTube.

YouTube is backed by Google's boss. It is almost impossible for utube to stop using its domain name. Who is the current master of YouTube?

What would you do if you were CEO of Google or utube? Welcome to comments.

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