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Enterprise Internet Service = Application + platform

Enterprise Internet Application services are all used to enhance the business of individual and enterprise management efficiency, promote management specialization, such as a series of services

Enterprise Personal self-service (e.g., Enterprise Address Book, Enterprise Cloud disk, social email, etc.)

Enterprise professional management Services (e.g. online accounting, online supply chain management, online collaboration software, etc.)

Enterprise Internet Application Service platform is the supporting platform for development, hosting, management and application service of related applications.

Developer: Focus on providing a simple, efficient enterprise Internet application services development, hosting, submission, promotion, statistical analysis, volume change, monetization and other full-process services

Enterprise users: Provide user-centric, easy-to-use enterprise Internet application services in a rented way


Private enterprise Social Work space security to realize enterprise value chain

the transformation of the development mode in the Internet application industry chain driven by Enterprises
Reduce the development threshold of the application, condense the collective wisdom of the application developers in the industry chain, develop the rich enterprise application quickly
consumer and delivery models for innovative applications
To build an Agile enterprise application consumption mode with the same power as electricity, to reduce the enterprise informatization threshold

Reduce the development threshold of the application, condense the collective wisdom of the application developers in the industry chain, develop the rich enterprise application quickly
Consumer and delivery models for innovative applications
To build an Agile enterprise application consumption mode with the same power as electricity, to reduce the enterprise informatization threshold

IDC August 2012 Report: Global Corporate Internet applications have reached $22.9 billion in 2011, reaching $67.3 billion by 2016, with an annual CAGR of 24%

Cloud computing Technology breakthrough in enterprise Internet application, but the core technical ability needs to be improved
Domestic: Large-scale service capacity, virtualization, fault tolerance, scalability and other core technical capabilities to be improved
Abroad: EMC, NETAPP (working with Cisco), Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, SAP and other companies are already providing flexible and stable solutions and standardized, inexpensive hardware products for virtualized, automated load balancing, on-demand software and hardware platforms

Enterprise-Class mobile applications have the initial effect, but lack of mature application development eco-chain
Domestic: The need for mobile application management is becoming more and more urgent, there are now mobile applications for enterprises, but the lack of a large number of killer enterprise application and application development of eco-industrial chain
Abroad: Foreign manufacturers have launched a mature enterprise-class mobile application and development platform, such as SAP Mobile Platform, Oracle's ADF Mobile Client, IBM Worklight, HP Enterprise Mobility Platform, etc.

Enterprise social and management software integration, but requires large-scale enterprise application validation
Domestic: The concept of enterprise social is still in the import, enterprise social communication, collaboration, sharing characteristics and enterprise management software need to further scale verification
Foreign: Enterprise social service providers, led by Yammer and Jive, provide high value-added enterprise-class applications that are quietly changing the way employees work and enhancing the synergy of their businesses

Big Data Mining and analytics are becoming more and more important, but the path and way of implementation are not clear enough
Domestic: The current domestic big data application, from the aggregation, mining, analysis, utilization and other levels are still in the conceptual stage, no actual products and services launched
Abroad: SAP has Hana in-memory to provide users with smarter data and business insights; Oracle acquires Endeca, analyzes unstructured data, and Salesforce acquires Radian6, giving businesses the ability to monitor and interact with social networks, analyze, Ability to manage and report on related data

Enterprise Internet Service Market is a bloomer business? The main reasons are three points: first, the rise of mobile internet, users quickly completed the migration, mobile phones and other mobile devices as a business tool, the potential value to be excavated; second, the user's thinking and real-time online trend, changing the past users are not visible, difficult to connect bottlenecks, And then changed the business model; third, the mobile internet era of the opening, so that the past information intermediary platform for rapid upgrade to the app as the core, the construction of closed-loop commercial transactions services, is becoming the trend. This has forced the emergence of business models such as business software, SAAS, PAAS, and IaaS.

Three factors determine the future of mobile customer service

The Enterprise service market is recognized as standing on the tuyere. There are three elements, one is closer to the user's business direction, the more easily successful, the earlier the traditional enterprise attention. such as CRM-related, subdivision of sales automation, market analysis, e-commerce, customer service, IM products, these areas are the earliest mature; Second, the core of emerging enterprise service products will be based on mobile, rather than the traditional enterprise IT PC version, third, the promotion of new forms of trading products will be very much the way.

When users think more and more dominate the future business ecology, interaction with users, feedback, etc., will directly affect the business model of any industry. Customer service is redefined when all businesses focus on the mobile side of the deal.

If a business, you are still using a traditional call center, telephone and other single way, can only show that your business is not enough Internet, you are farther away from the user, more and more close to death. Because the mobile customer service early to replace the traditional customer service, is the decision of the user, and in the increasingly high human cost environment, the next generation of intelligent, deep learning s+ artificial personalized service, will be a big trend.

and mobile customer service is almost applicable to many industries, covering the industry including e-commerce, online education, internet finance, tourism, mobile medicine, six major industries. So, compared with IM instant Messaging cloud module, mobile customer service scene Pain point attribute is stronger, and is from the past cost center to profit center change, the demand of enterprises is more urgent. So it would be the easiest business to scale and replicate.

How big is the imaginary space of enterprise Internet service?

The Enterprise Internet Service market will become the next big guy's field of birth. Data from foreign countries that have been quoted before are indicative of this trend. Over the past 1 years, the U.S. corporate services market has more than 15 IPOs, raising $7 billion and a total market capitalisation of more than $40 billion. Only take customer service this market segment, customer service accounted for 36.9% of the CRM market ratio, only North America 2015 customer Service Software market purchase amount of up to 9.6 billion U.S. dollars, but also bred a market value of $2 billion Zendesk and Freshdesk two "unicorn" company.

In fact, if placed on the Chinese market plate, it is actually much larger than the U.S. market. In contrast to the mobile internet, online, internet finance, education, medical and other fields can be found that China's mobile internet business innovation, far more than the United States, of course, this also has a relationship with the weak environment of Chinese traditional business facilities. At the same time, the number of Chinese enterprises, user volume and so on is not the overseas market. This means that China's corporate services market will be a big cake.

Overseas markets include Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Zendesk, Hubspot, New Relic, Hortonworks, Box and other star companies, with market capitalisation of tens of billions of dollars. But in China's corporate services sector, companies that do not yet have tens of billions of dollars in valuations, even the most sensitive investment institutions, are just getting involved. The Enterprise service market in 2016 years will be a big outbreak of the year, will also be staged mergers and acquisitions, investment scene drama.

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Introduction to Enterprise Internet services

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