IPhone ipad Game App Development Video tutorial

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A series of courses on ipad, Iphone and ipod mobile app development based on the IOS5 platform
Suitable for people: Beginner
Number of lessons: 120 hours
Using the technology: iphone, ipad
Projects involved: calculators, questionnaire systems
Consulting qq:1840215592
Course Introduction
This series of courses are divided into basic articles, project actual combat: 100-120 hours (expected), 45-60 minutes/hours. The course includes two iphone, two ipad projects with a total of four real projects throughout which the course is fully managed by a foreign company's project schedule.
Actual combat for the King: the course is based on real practical projects for the background, focusing on improving the actual combat ability of students, the purpose is to allow students to completely overcome the challenge of the field.
IPhone IPad Game App Development video tutorial details: http://www.ibeifeng.com/ios.html
Learning objects
A technician who is interested in developing in the field of iOS mobile development.
Learning Goals
A software development engineer with more than 2 years of experience in mobile application development for iOS platforms that meets the needs of the enterprise.
1, Master Objective-c language, be able to use Xcode and iOS SDK skillfully,
2, proficient in iOS operating system architecture and Xcode development environment, familiar with C/s application structure
3, familiar with the iOS interface and interactive development, and be able to use debugging tools skillfully
4, can independently develop iphone, ipad various applications, and can be published to AppStore
Game App Development Video Tutorial Course Outline:
The first stage: Software testing Project REAL-time project (using Software testing theory to guide Project combat 32 hours)
Objective-c strengthening
Iphone&ipad&ipod Foundation
Second Stage: iphone information sharing
The third stage: Community SNS (Tianwei Network)
Phase IV: New Zealand Citibank Card System (ipad version)
Fifth stage: Jnby model Apparel Display platform (ipad version)

IPhone ipad Game App Development Video tutorial

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