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Configuration commands under windowsxp/windows2003:

WINDOWS2003 built-in IPV6 protocol stack; recommend that Windows XP be upgraded at least to SP1

1. First install the IPv6 protocol stack

C:>ipv6 Install

2. If you are in a pure Ipv6 network environment, then you can get IPV6 address and access to the IPV6 site

Attached: Some common commands:


Netsh>interface IPv6

netsh interface ipv6>add address "local connection" fe80:a520:1314::1/* Set Fixed IPV6 addresses * *

netsh interface ipv6>add DNS "local connection" 2001:251:e101:0::2/* Set IPV6 DNS address * *

3. If you are accessing from a tunnel mode, you can perform the following steps:

Configure the IPV6 network parameters under XP (if the address is automatically requested from tb.sjtu.edu.cn, execute the Act.bat file, the following steps may be saved)

IPv6 ifcr v6v4 202.112.26.xxx* Set up V4 to V6 Tunnel, 202.112.26.xxx is your local IPv4 address * *

IPv6 adu 5/3ffe:3207:xxx::xxxx.xxxx/* Configure the address of the V6 to which to apply * *

IPv6 rtu::/0 5/* Configure Default Gateway * *

IPv6 IFC 5 forwards

RELATED links:

Microsoft Official support for IPV6 content: http://www.microsoft.com/ipv6/

WinXP system IPv6 Related FAQ, very detailed: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/plan/faqipv6.mspx

This is under the Win2003: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/techinfo/overview/ipv6faq.mspx

Configuration commands under Windows2000:

1. First install the IPv6 protocol stack

If your machine only installs SP1 for Win2000, please install tpipv6-001205.rar[download] directly.

If your machine has a sp2/sp3 for Win2000, please install tpipv6-001205-sp3-ie6.zip[download]. After this package is unpacked, run Hotfix.exe reboot the machine and install the IPv6 protocol driver

From Control Panel, go to network and dial-up connections, right-click Local Area Connection, click on the properties, open the "Local Connection Properties" window, in fact, this is when you set the Network Card Properties window click the "Install" button, and then in the pop-up window, select "Protocol", and click "Add ...", in the pop-up window, You will find "Microsoft Ipv6 Protocol", select this option and click OK. All right, Tcp/ipv6 protocol stack is installed.

2. If you are in a pure Ipv6 network environment, then you can get IPV6 address and access to the IPV6 site

Attached: Some related commands: C:>ipv6 if/* View own IPV6 address, on the ' local connection ' port/

C:>ipv6 adu 4/2001:250:xxxx:xxxx::xxxx/* Set a fixed IPv6 address, 4 represents the ' local connection ' where the interface * *

C:>ping6 ipv6.sjtu.edu.cn

3. If you are accessing from the tunnel, you can perform the following steps (if the address is automatically requested from the tb.sjtu.edu.cn, execute the Act.bat file, the following steps may be saved)

Suppose your IPv6 address is 3ffe:3207:xxx::xxxx.xxxx tunnel server-side IPv4 address is

Open a Command line window and run the following command

Stop protocol stack

net stop TCPIP6

Launch protocol stack

net start TCPIP6

Configure the IPv6 address,

IPv6 adu 2/3ffe:3207:xxx::xxxx.xxxx/* The address of V6 you applied to

Configuring routing

IPv6 rtu::/0 2/::

4. The above configuration parameters are not saved because the Win2000 is reset. So you can create a. cmd script that runs automatically at each startup or manually runs net stop tcpip6 net start TCPIP6

IPv6 adu 2/3ffe:3207:xxx::xxxx.xxxx

IPv6 rtu::/0 2/3ffe:3207:xxx::

Win2000 for more information on IPV6, please refer to Microsoft Official faq:http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/sdks/platform/tpipv6/faq.asp

Also, be sure to set DNS to to support IPV6 address queries

There are two ways to show that your IPV6 parameters are configured correctly:

1.c:documents and Settingsblackhawk>tracert6-d www.kame.net

Tracing route to Apple.kame.net [3ffe:501:4819:2000:210:f3ff:fe03:4d0] from 3ffe:3207:98::ca70:1a62 over a maximum of H Ops

1 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms 3ffe:3207:98::1/* indicates that the IPV6 tunnel is gone.

2 ms-MS-3ffe:320e:1:170::1

3 Ms Panax Notoginseng MS 3ffe:3200::2


2. When you visit the http://www.kame.net/, there is a dancing turtle (pictured below), which means that you visit the page to go through the IPV6 tunnel.

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