Ipython steps to build on Windows 7

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Installation article
  1. Install Python, now it's python2.7.10. Follow your own platform to download the corresponding version of the installation.
  2. Install Ipython,Ipython's official website is easy to find. after installation, a scripts directory will appear in your Python directory, with some of the main files Ipython.
  3. Install Pyreadline (only for Windows).
  4. Installing PYZMQ,notebook is web-based, and socket messaging uses ZEROMQ. The installation file may be in egg format and needs to be easy_install.
  5. Install Tornado because notebook is web-based and therefore requires a Web server, which is officially used by tornado.
  6. Installation of Mathjax, in order to be able to easily display mathematical symbols, formulas, need mathjax support. The installation is simple, open a ipython shell, and type the following code:

Import Install_mathjaxinstall_mathjax ()

Use the article
    • Start the local notebook, open the Windows command line, type:Ipython notebook
    • Configure notebook, open the Windows command line, type: Ipython profile Create, generate. ipython\profile_default\ipython_config.py and other profiles
    • For example, if you want an inline matplotlib image, you can add it to the ipython_kernel_config.py
# Configuration file for ipython-kernel.c ='inline'   
    • C.ipkernelapp.matplotlib = ' inline '

Ipython steps to build on Windows 7

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