Jiang Hai Wang Wang interpretation of Agile 12 principles

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1. Preface

Agility is really a good thing. This is especially useful for teams that are experiencing changes in demand, changes in people, and incomplete bug fixes. At the time of product development, the problem just now is the tip of the iceberg. The team is also confronted with developer workload statistics, random code writing, frequent changes in requirements, and a number of questions for product managers when testing managers. Bottom line: The team is big and the cost of management is rising straight up. So, how to solve the seemingly "team execution problem" is actually "management problem"? The river will be combined with so many years of it product development experience to analyze how to use "agile" to create an efficient development team.

Why be agile?

Why can't agile push it down?

No technical strength you push a ball!?

Do not back team recognition you push a ball!?

You don't just focus on the "thing" person you push a ball!?

The interpretation of the river-side Wang Hai

1. Our most important goal is to satisfy our customers by delivering valuable software on a continuous and early date.
2. Embrace changes in demand, even in the late stages of development. The agile process controls change for the customer's competitive advantage.
3. The frequent delivery of working software, separated by weeks or months, tends to take a shorter cycle.
4. Business personnel and developers must cooperate with each other, every day of the project is no exception.
5. Inspire individual morale and build projects with them as the core. Provide the required environment and support, supported by trust, to achieve the goal.
6. Whether within or outside the team, the most efficient and effective way to deliver information is through face-to-head conversations.
7. Working software is the primary measure of progress.
8. Agile processes advocate sustainable development. The responsible person, the developer and the user should be able to maintain their steady pace and continuity.
9. The relentless pursuit of technical excellence and good design has led to increased agility.
10. Simplicity-based, it is the art of trying to reduce unnecessary work.
11. The best architectures, requirements, and designs come from self-organizing teams.
12. The team regularly reflects on how it can improve its performance and adjust its behavior accordingly.

Jiang Hai Wang Wang interpretation of Agile 12 principles

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