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We don't talk about the initial development of the product user population because it doesn't make much sense, if you position as a student, then according to our own university four years of experience, students in the middle of the telecommunications, the proportion of the campus network is basically variable too big.
Thankfully, now we have achieved telecommunications, Netcom dual-line North Netcom, South Telecom is a feature of our country. Even the 07 Spring Festival broke out the internal agreement between telecom and Netcom, the content is probably the north-south mutual non-aggression of their respective areas. Therefore, if you want to be based on a successful Internet product, you must not control where the user comes from, what network environment to use. The final Solution is telecommunications, Netcom dual-line. There is also a gap-campus network, the better is the campus network with Netcom has a wide range of optical fiber direct connection, physical environment can be solved with rice.

Technical processing

Copy Code code as follows:

This is the telecom, Netcom automatic selection of the core code, God, too magical, unexpectedly is JS implementation.

Explanation: Src inside is a nonexistent address, such 2 IMG will be open when the error, will trigger the OnError event, but your browser on the 2 img load, the error has a sequence, and this order depends on your browser to go to the speed of 2 URLs, This shows the speed of HTTP request two domain names. If you are a campus network or Netcom, at the same time to even www.jb51.net (this domain is bound to the telecommunications of an IP), cnc.jb51.net (this domain is bound to a netcom IP)

Of course, it triggers the onerror= "javascript:top.location= ' Http://cnc.jb51.net" first.

So it opens up the http://cnc.jb51.net.

Telecommunications in the same vein, finally realized the campus network, Netcom users Open is Http://www.jb51.net/drect, telecom users Open is Http://www.jb51.net/direct

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