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It is believed that many users who use Macs do not know that keynote can actually record the narration. In fact, the keynote on the MAC has a very practical "voice-over side" feature, and the voice-over narration is the Readme sync Recording for each slide. Records and retains your voice and timing when you replay the presentation for your audience. How to use this function in the keynote? Please see the narration method that the keynote record of the following small series brings to you.

Keynote record Narration

Keynote How to record a voice-over narration

1, select the slides you want to start recording on.

2. In the audio panel of the Setup inspector, click Record.

Recording mode shows you the current time, the current slide, and the next slide. To change the layout and view speaker notes, timers, and so on, click the upper-right corner to select what you see when recording, and then select the feature.

3. To start recording the presentation, click the red dot button at the bottom of the window.

The timer will count from 3 and then start recording.

4, in the microphone clear voice, to record narration.

5. To advance to the next slide, click the slide or press the RIGHT ARROW key.

You can pause recording at any time by clicking the pause button. Click the red dot button to continue recording.

6. After recording, click the red dot button to stop recording.

7, press the ESC key to store the recording and exit the presentation.

8, to remove the voice-over narration, click Clear in the Audio panel of the setup inspector. If you add a new slide after you record a voice-over narration, a warning appears warning that the recording may be out of sync with the presentation.

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