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Keynote for Mac Series Tutorial: How to record a self-played narration

The keynote on your Mac has a very useful next-voice-over feature, which is the Readme sync Recording for each slide. Records and retains your voice and timing when you play back your presentation for your audience. How to use this function in keynote? See the tutorials below for you:   Keynote How to record a voiceover narration 1. Select the slide you want

Keynote the narration method that the record plays itself

It is believed that many users who use Macs do not know that keynote can actually record the narration. In fact, the keynote on the MAC has a very practical "voice-over side" feature, and the voice-over narration is the Readme sync Recording for each slide. Records and retains your voice and timing when you replay the presentation for your audience. How to use this function in the

How to work with icloud with keynote

This edition of the keynote tutorial PC6 the Apple Web to bring you how to use icloud with keynote. ICloud stores your presentations and keeps them up-to-date on IOS devices, the Web, and PCs so that you always have the latest version handy, regardless of which device you used last time you edited. You can edit the Keynote presentation in a Web browser using ICl

The prototype of the drawing software can be realized with keynote

tool, is indeed the concept of the first stage of design. What is the preferred tool for rapid prototyping? I think, there should be such a few requirements: 1. Low learning and hands-on costs 2. Fast and efficient drawing function 3. can achieve interactive action There are a number of tools that can achieve these goals. Axure RP or Omni graffle The learning curve is a bit steep, but for those who are accustomed to it, they are fully qualified for the rapid prototyping work. Especially ba

MIX 11-Microsoft Internet technology conference series (10) -- MIX11 keynote speech elevator post, all resources summary navigation, HTML5, IE, Web Platform, Windows Phone, Silverlight,

(First of all, I would like to thank dudu for reminding me to write this elevator post so that you can see the important release information of MIX11 .) The two-day MIX11 keynote speech was over. I admit that, especially the Second-day keynote speech was the most exciting time I attended all Microsoft conferences over the past two years, and our friends on Weibo ( interaction is the

Make app Preview with imovie and keynote

the opposite, move the stone to hit their own feet.My situationFrom the day I was able to upload app preview, I tried to create a video with imovie. But the effect is not ideal, imovie itself can operate the space is very limited, chose to make preview and even castrated some features. For example, there is no way to show the click of the action, not to mention the drag-and-zoom. I have no experience in video editing, and I don't know how to beat the rhythm. Then it was put down, but I kept thi

Teach you to use keynote to make app prototypes

Apple itself has a prototype team that is involved in all the prototyping work, including animation and interaction, among the various project teams. Their main tool is keynote. This comes from WWDC 2014 session videos. There's a video prototyping:fake it Till you made it, which is how they guide you to make realistic interactive prototypes with keynote, which I've just seen, and I've always wa

Keynote Operation Skills: Screen swapping and Midway switching

Scenario 1: Swapping the contents of the projector and notebook screenWhen you perform a presentation, keynote displays the slide content on one display device and displays a message on another device. Unfortunately, in my notebook, the default screen setting causes the projector to display a hint, and the screen displays the contents of the slide. In order to swap, you can do the following1. Move the mouse to the top edge of the screen where the mess

Mac version Keynote how to use?

Mac version Keynote how to use? First, turn on the computer, find keynote in the dock, click Open Click the new document in the pop-up screen below In the next interface, the top can choose the width or the standard, the bottom selection style, you can see, keynote and PowerPoint than the style is very rich Click on the m

Keynote Add link method to Mac computer

I believe a lot of users who use Macs know that you can turn text, images, and shapes into links in the keynote program that comes with your Mac, and that when you click the links during the demo, they do any of several things. If you do not want Keynote to automatically detect the link, you can turn off smart links in edit Replace. The following small series to bring you to the Mac computer

How do I add a link to keynote?

In the keynote program that comes with your Mac, you can turn text, images, and shapes into links, and when you tap those links during a presentation, they do any of the actions. Objects that have links appear in the presentation as if they were normal objects. When you type text in a text box or shape, Keynote automatically detects a valid URL (URL) or e-mail address in the text. (The address must follow a

Keynote how to automatically detect

You can set Keynote to indicate spelling errors as you type, and you can check whether the entire presentation or selected text has a spelling error. Keynote can also check the syntax and find the word definition. Use the Spelling and grammar window to check spelling and grammar, add terms to the dictionary, and change the language of the dictionary. When you add a term to a dictionary, you teach

Mix 11-Microsoft Internet technology conference series (2) -- keynote speech on the first day: Web is the core, and ie10 Platform Preview 1 is released

I am very glad to see that many of my friends stayed up late to watch the keynote speech of mix. I also appreciate the support of these friends and hope that we will broadcast live on Weibo to give you some clips, let everyone know the focus of the first day of the mix11 keynote speech. Here to do not see some summary of live friends, more pictures will not be posted here, too big, you can look at Weibo: ht

Keynote If you can add a link

When you type text in a text box or shape, Keynote automatically detects a valid URL or e-mail address. (The address must be followed by a space, tab, or carriage return, or one of many punctuation, including quotes, parentheses, and square brackets.) URLs and e-mail addresses become active and underlined to indicate that they are links. If you do not want Keynote to automatically detect the link, you can

Keynote how to add video and audio

. Deselect this check box if you want the media to play automatically when the slides are displayed. Adjust Playback Volume: Drag the Volume slider. Add a sound track to a presentation When you add a sound track to a presentation, the audio starts playing at the beginning of the presentation. If the slides already have audio or video, the sound track will also play on those slides. Files that are added as sound tracks are always played from the beginning. 1. In the audio panel of the Docume

Keynote How to use paragraph styles

Keynote includes built-in paragraph styles for a variety of specified text fonts, font sizes, colors, and other properties. These paragraph styles are designed to match the theme of the presentation. Applying a paragraph style to text ensures that the text in your presentation looks the same. If you make changes to text that uses paragraph styles, you can create a new paragraph style based on the changes you make. For example, if you change a paragra

2014 flash memory summit is coming soon. Domestic nvdimm enterprises are invited to attend the exhibition and give a keynote speech

2014 flash memory Summit: Domestic nvdimm enterprises are invited to attend the exhibition and give a keynote speech flash memory Summit The Flash summit aims to showcase mainstream applications and key technologies in non-volatile memory and SSD fields, and to lead suppliers to drive the market of several billion dollars. As the most important and influential Flash Memory industry event in the world, FMS will comprehensively introduce future trends a

Microsoft WPC 2014 partner Keynote

On Monday, the 2014 Microsoft WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) Partner Conference opened in Washington, USA. Microsoft introduced Azure, cloud-based Office 365, and Windows Phone mobile platforms, it also briefly mentions the development plan of the next generation Windows operating system Windows 9. As a gold partner of Microsoft, we have been very concerned about the development trend of Microsoft technology. We will share the following with WPC 2014 Key

". NET Community Conference" (dotnetconf) Day 1 Keynote:. NET Everywhere

Since August, when the. NET Core 2.0 was released, the keynote began to spend a lot of time reviewing the release of. NET Core 2.0, where the community has been very engaged. The theme of the Conference is. NET everywhere:NET Core 2.0 has finished the service-side layout, so the coverage of various terminals is the home of Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms autumn will have a wave of preliminary upgrades to support. NET Standard 2.0. More important, however, is t

Iwork Kit for keynote slide groups

Keynote is the essence of iwork Suite, many people work without slides (such as the author of this brainwashing missionary). When you create a slide in a course, the content is often divided into several topics, several of which will have several slides, so a lot of slides are displayed in the sidebar, which can cause a lot of inconvenience to the editor, as shown in Figure 1. A "group slide" feature is available in

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