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Git, this goods can be called artifact, use it will no longer want to use other VCs, like on the high-speed do not want to go the same road.

The power of Git is that you can create warehouses in any shared path within your LAN without having to run any services. All operations are local based. This is not difficult to understand can be directly in the fast disk.

Generally, larger companies have their own version Management Servers, remote login VPN can also be implemented, but a few people's small team is not too realistic, basically no VPN, if a few remote friends want to get together to start a business, you can only buy a server to do version Management Server, this first thought cost, For several people, the cost of a server for a year is not a decimal, and it takes time to manage it. Here we connect the article, with the network disk to achieve GIT version management, we save a lot of energy and money, and stability is guaranteed, but also basically do not worry about space issues, such as My network disk is generally around 50G, In general, the development project code file does not have such a large.

The General people use Git+github to build for local remote interaction, but GitHub get a private warehouse is to knife le think, if you are very dig, or your great idea do not want to be targeted, you can consider using git+ Jinshan fast disk to build a private server.

No more, here are the steps:

Download and install Jinshan fast disk, specify the path, application account

Download and install GIT Desktop Edition, configure the parameters

Create a new folder in the Quick Disk folder, in this folder the new warehouse must choose a central repository, otherwise it will not push ( The personal archive will generate a. git hidden folder in this directory, and the central repository will be directly generated in this directory to manage directories, that is, without outsourcing. Git folders, the files pushed up will not have source files, only git own management files. Like SVN, the repository on the SVN server is not a source file, only its own management files.

After the establishment of the local project can be pushed up, local just pull, push on the line, the warehouse synchronization to the fast disk responsible.

So far you can use the git+ fast-disk warehouse, if you do not consider the computer's consumption resources, it looks different and svn small. But no matter from practicality and convenience, git is better than svn,svn+ Jinshan fast disk is to run in the local SVN service, a considerable consumption of resources, and git does not run what service, at most run a dozen m of the fast, small meaning.

and SVN's branch management is far less than git, but git also a little disadvantage, such as changing files after the file icon does not immediately change color, call a third party contrast tools (such as Beyondcompare) pop-up speed is slower (the slowest time I thought the computer crashed, And if the file does not change the diff, Beyondcompare will not eject, not humanized. But these are minor problems that can be tolerated.

Another: The GIT server model based on LAN shared folders is similar, note that when you create a warehouse, you select a central repository.

To get to the next step, we'll explain how to implement the network disk +git Gui team version Management

To illustrate this, the available network disk should be "shared" rather than "share" functionality, in Baidu Cloud network disk, Tencent micro-Cloud network disk,  and Jinshan quick to find a moment, found only Jinshan quick disk has this function, so the team development to use Jinshan fast disk to achieve.

1, with Jinshan fast disk to do service, then the relevant directory in the network to share to friends so we quit the network, with the mailbox just shared to login to the network disk, we found that the network disk more than a "I received a shared file" directory, open look is the directory we share

2, next we need to use the previous method to clone the files in this directory, but the fast disk of the shared directory is a mailbox to do the name, such as:

D:htwkaupanwebtideshareboxtinwai@qq.commyself inside contains the @ symbol, this in Git is a special use, not urgent, we can use mklink/j to do a directory connection can be, the specific operation, We open the DOS window and enter the following instructions:

mklink/j D:htwgittestgittest.git d:htwkaupanwebtideshareboxtinwai@qq.commyself

So we set up a git.git to the disk and we can use this git.git when the network disk path is in Git.

3, we in the Gittest directory root directory Right select "Git Bash" input:

git clone gittest.git

We download the project code, open look and we are in front of the network disk submitted is the same Ah, we still modify the code

4, repeat the previous steps to submit code, and then quit the user with the original other users or the original user login, and then update the code to see if it has changed

So far, a small team of code version management system has been completed, for the small team on the entrepreneurial path is a good choice, of course, for the big team still have the best self-built

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