Laptop HDMI output with image no sound solution

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Mainstream notebook can easily support 1080P HD hard decoding, and built-in HDMI high-definition interface, easy to cooperate with LCD TV to see HD blockbusters. But the output of high-definition movies through HDMI, but a friend but encountered only the picture and no sound. According to the truth, HDMI can transmit sound and image at the same time, how to solve it?

The use of HDMI output in a single display mode

For example, Lenovo Y460A is equipped with HD 5650 and GMA HD dual graphics cards. In the set display mode can not achieve HDMI audio output, so to achieve the perfect HDMI HD output must switch to the exclusive mode.

Second, adjust the playback device settings

In the exclusive mode, sometimes also can not hear sound, at this time to right-click the taskbar small horn, select the "Playback Device" option (as shown in Figure 1), right-click the window blank, select "Show Disabled Devices" (Figure 2).

Figure 1 Selecting the Play device option

Figure 2 shows the disabled device

Third, the HDMI audio as the default device

When you right-click the ATI HDMI Output icon and select the Enable option, a green "√" (Figure 3) appears on the LCD TV icon, which indicates that the HDMI audio was successfully used as the default playback device.

Figure 3 Setting the HDMI audio as the default device

Four, HDMI audio output back to normal

Click the "Apply" button, at this time through the HDMI output to the LCD TV, the sound of high-definition movies back to normal, but it is worth noting that if you always can not display the "HDMI Output" icon, you need to reinstall the HDMI audio driver.

V. Set up HDMI audio via player

If the laptop is connected to the HDMI amplifier, it is recommended to set up HDMI audio through the media player. Take KMPlayer as an example, after running the software, in turn, enter the audio management → audio renderer menu, and then select the ATI HD Audio rear Output option (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Setting up HDMI audio in the playback software

Then enter the audio settings option, click to enable SPDIF "(such as Figure 5), so use KMPlayer to play high-definition movies, you can achieve the screen and audio synchronization transmission, but the audio part by the amplifier to decode, so as to achieve better sound quality effect.

Figure 5 Enabling SPDIF features

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