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How to resolve win7 notebook HDMI output TV no sound failure

1, in the exclusive mode using HDMI, here to Lenovo Y460A as an example, the notebook with HD 5650 and GMA HD dual graphics card, in integrated graphics mode, can not achieve HDMI audio output, so you must switch to the unique mode 2, if in a unique mode, or can not hear the voice, the first mouse right click on the taskbar on the small horn, select the "Playbac

s5pv210 Linux HDMI TV output

Originally this is unfair open source code of now found also not worth the following published source code support linux3.0 linux2.6 kernel linux3.1 core V4L2 architecture has changed while supporting HDMI output and TV output using the board is the channel icool210Source code is based on the Android LIBHDMI Library is

Application of DVBS/S2 in digital TV system VIII (now popular dual tuner application)

modulated by 13v/18v,0/22k and other signals. In the simplest case, if main tuner wants to output 13V, and the sub tuner wants to output 18V voltage, how can this conflict be resolved? There is no way, main dvbs and sub dvbs can only use their own separate receive headers. And dvbt/c is different, there is no such res

How to connect your TV with HDMi

, Feeling very bad, as shown, the left side is 4:3 scale 1024x768, the right side is 16:9 percentage of 1280x720.  How to use HDMI cable to realize computer connected TVFirst, you need to have an HDMI input TV, a video card with HDMI output of the computer, if the computer d

How the computer connects the TV with the HDMI

, and the word is relatively large, the key problem is that if the use of 1024x768, the screen is 4:3, and the TV is 16:9, so you will see the picture is squashed, Feel very bad, as shown in the following figure, the left side is 4:3 percentage of 1024x768, the right side is a 16:9 ratio of 1280x720.   How to use the HDMI cable to realize computer connected TV

LCD TV Plug the cable TV signal line is which interface HDMI is what interface

1, LCD TV cable Signal line interface (analog signal) is a radio frequency interface (also known as RF interface, coaxial cable interface, closed route interface), digital signal through the set-top box to convert analog signal video output to the TV, in order to watch TV programs.2,

How to connect the LCD TV to the Win7 system via HDMI

1: Equipment A:TCL L19N6 LCD TV Machine (the model used in this test) b:v450a 2: Need material HDMI Cable (Note: This line must be of good quality, do not just get a bargain, may not use it well or not!) believe that a penny of the price is better. ) Connection process A: First, the HDMI interface to connect to the computer, preferably in the state of shutd

WIN8 the TV with the HDMI, no sound can be solved.

One, sound card setup Error 1, sound output equipment errors, generally connected to the HDMI sound will automatically switch HDMI interface output, but there will be some machines need to manually set up, the method is as follows: WIN7 and WIN8 system 2, right click on the sound icon, select the playback device, as

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution The laptop display was accidentally damaged last night. Now I use an HDMI cable to connect my Ubuntu laptop to a home TV for temporary use. Ubuntu is the official version of the latest version 17.10. HDMI

In Ubuntu, how does one forcibly set a 1920*1080 resolution for a computer connected to a TV through HDMI?

: 106.50 MHz Modeline "1440x900_60.00" 106.50 1440 1528 1672 1904 900 903 909-hsync + vsync (2) create the new mode: Xrandroid -- newmode "1920x1080" xxx The content following "1440x900_60.00" is used in the Xxx section. 60.00 indicates the resolution. If the resolution fails, set it to 50.00 and try again. $ Xrandroid -- newmode "1920x1080_60.00" 106.50 1440 1528 1672 1904 900 903 909-hsync + vsync (3) add this mode to the system resolution Group Xrandroid -- addmode + the name displayed in the

Laptop HDMI output with image no sound solution

Mainstream notebook can easily support 1080P HD hard decoding, and built-in HDMI high-definition interface, easy to cooperate with LCD TV to see HD blockbusters. But the output of high-definition movies through HDMI, but a friend but encountered only the picture and no sound. According to the truth,

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