Leangoo: SaaS software for team collaboration with Agile development Management thinking

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The first time I saw Leangoo this product, I think it is also a team collaboration software tools, and other team collaboration does not have any essential difference.

When listening to founder Liao Jingbin talk about the structure of Leangoo personnel, the author was surprised at first , a 20-odd start-up companies, consultants and research and development almost every half.

Why does a seemingly SaaS company need so many consultants?

In the one-hour communication with Liao Jingbin, this confusion is gradually solved ...

LEangoo: SaaS tool developed by a consulting firm

As a eight-year "start-up veteran", one of the things that Liao Jingbin is always doing is practicing, promoting scrum and agile development . Scrum is the global Agile product Development Framework , and the core idea of scrum comes from Lean management, which focuses on teamwork, transparent management and continuous improvement in fast track approach .

Liao Jingbin's ties to scrum go back 2006 years. At that time, Liao Jingbin participated in a 3-year large financial software project failed, team morale was low, then the team on another similar project to try the Scrum method, finally achieved relatively large results, customer satisfaction, team morale, and the efficiency of project delivery has changed a lot.

This experience, let Liao Jingbin infatuated with scrum, he began to promote at the company level, but after all, the company Limited, Liao Jingbin hope to bring such ideas to more enterprises, help them improve management level.

So in 2008, Liao Jingbin left the scrum Chinese web to create a range of content and services such as scrum learning community, offline training, and corporate advisory services.

Liao Jingbin led a team of scrum consultants, including Oracle, China Merchants Bank, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Internet of Things, Chinese banks and other customers, in the service process, Liao Jingbin feel the enterprise in the traditional project management of the 2 big pain points: the purchase of traditional project management software is expensive, The cost of learning is high; The waterfall-based project management model cannot follow the rhythm of the internet age.

At the end of 2014, he was determined to be a Lightweight team agile collaboration Tool . six months later, Leangoo was born. because there are many years of user accumulation in the Scrum Chinese network, Leangoo online more than half a year to get 100,000 of users. These users constitute both the Internet startups and some traditional transformation enterprises.

Compared to the 2 major pain points of the traditional project management software, Leangoo proposed a permanent free, product design around Agile development, with visual task Kanban to achieve teamwork, learning to use low cost.

Move the physical whiteboard to the electronic screen.

In agile development practice, it is essential to achieve teamwork and transparency through visual task Kanban, traditionally using physical kanban, the so-called physical Kanban-the simple and brutal way to put some lane strips on a wall and buy some handy stickers to put into different lanes , which visually demonstrates project progress and collaboration.

However , the physical kanban is not suitable for long-term project communication, on the one hand there is no precipitation of historical data, lack of integrity, on the other hand in team communication is limited by geographical location.

LEangoo The physical Kanban to the electronic screen, on the basis of meeting the team communication, the product can be based on the previous Kanban data intelligent analysis, improve team operation efficiency, can also be based on team operations, generate a variety of management reports.

On the product, Leangoo also has a typical Agile development feature- Burndown chart, which monitors the progress of the project by monitoring the amount of work remaining or remaining on the day of the Kanban during the iteration cycle.

And in the team division, Leangoo through the multi-lane to classify tasks, easy to collaborate.

When it comes to the diversity of other similar team collaboration tools, Liao Jingbin said that Leangoo's approach to product design management is tailored to scrum and agile development, dividing the development tasks into small cycles, and tracking the goals and objectives of each cycle.

Community, tools as user portal, providing value-added services

To tell the truth, from the Leangoo of the product itself , even if it incorporates Kanban, Burndown diagram of these agile development elements, most people still do not realize it and worktile,teambition these product differences, But judging from Leangoo's business layout and business model, it is clearly not a traditional SaaS company that makes money by selling software.

In the author's opinion, Liao Jingbin is doing more like a content service company , different content plays the role of "pull new", "retain", "promote live to pay" : theSCRUM Chinese web as a new entrance , through the SEO, Offline activities and other promotional means to obtain a steady flow of users , to meet the needs of users to learn agile development;Leangoo This Agile development tool meets the needs of users to address the idea of agile development After establishing the user relationship, the commercialization of the product is conducted through training and consulting these in-depth services.

Referring to the new year of product planning, Liao Jingbin said that in addition to short-term fast iterations, it would spend more effort on marketing and commercialization trials. Previously, the majority of users of Leangoo from the scrum Chinese network naturally inflow, and then through activities and other means, to force the user growth.

In terms of commercialization, in addition to proven consultants and consulting services, Liao Jingbin hopes to try other possibilities of commercialization, such as recruitment services, because Leangoo precipitates the user's data on the project, perhaps reflecting a person's ability to work better than a resume.

With professional services in the field of Kanban and agile, the business of consulting and consulting services has been running smoothly , making the company profitable . other value-added service models are still being explored, and there is a long way to go.

has not been exposed to the capital of Liao Jingbin said,Leangoo has been a good reputation, users continue to grow, the second half of the plan to consider financing, financing focus will be on mobile development, as well as value-added business platform research and development.

Leangoo: SaaS software for team collaboration with Agile development Management thinking

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