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The previous development experience with SMS, Phone, Email, camera, etc. on Windows Mobile has been invalidated because WP7 does not provide the APIs to directly manipulate these. But this does not mean that it cannot be done, because in WP7 it is possible to invoke the task of the system through tasks, that is, to open the relevant application of the system to make calls, send text messages, save contacts, take photos, and so on.

In addition, because it is called the application of the system, that is, in their own programs to open another program, because the WP7 system is a single task system, so when the task is started, the application will be terminated.

If you are in debug, you can continue debugging by pressing F5, and in the application, because the program already has a Tombstone, the calling task does not need to be invoked again, but the associated state needs to be maintained by itself.

A. Phone task: A task that is used to open the Dial-up interface in an application. You can make a direct call, and you can set the name of the contact and the number of calls you dialed.

PhoneCallTask phonecall = new PhoneCallTask();
phonecall.DisplayName = "小镇";
      phonecall.PhoneNumber = "13567890000";

Two. SMS Task: You can open the system SMS program, and set the message content and send the sender, you can send MMS, but it looks as if you can only send pictures, do not know whether the real machine can send sound files and other documents.

SmsComposeTask sms = new SmsComposeTask();
sms.Body = "Test sms";
    sms.To = "13567890000";

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