Learning Converse knowledge is used to realize the game plug-in. Third, through the game plug-in. Analyze red alert money base. and identify base address tips.

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Analyze red alert money base. and identify base address tips.

Introduction of Base Address

Through the second lecture. We are looking for plants vs. Zombies infinite sunlight. Learn about the inverse knowledge. and the base address. The difference between a static address. Now we're on the red alert. Click the game to practiced hand.

PS: The main purpose is to analyze the data. Learn about reverse knowledge and use it. Not to teach you how to make plug-ins.

1. How do we determine the base address we are looking for?

There are three ways.

    1. The Green in CE represents the base address , and black indicates the memory addresses . The general green is probably the base address (not necessarily. But most of it)
    2. exit the game and re-enter the game . address does not change . The content of its value will not change .
    3. The search pointer . I can't find them . . then the previous address of the base is the pointer address This passage may be a bit difficult to understand. That means if we find the base. Then see the visit. If there is no address to save this base pointer. Then the base pointer is the base address pointer we're looking for.
Two, run the red police to find money.

Red Alert we can download it on the Internet. It can also be downloaded from the network. It will be packaged and uploaded.

Ce use method:

1. Additional Game.exe

2. Search for money.

3. Change the monetary value.

4.CE Click to scan again.

If we finish four steps above then the rest is the address we're looking for.

We said that. The green may represent the base address. We can try one at a.

PS: Not one of them. The steps are skipped. After trying. The first two green is not the base address we are looking for. The last modification we made in the game will be changed.

So we found the dynamic address. As shown in

So we're looking for something to rewrite this address. Pass the second lesson content. Find our base address. As shown

Through. We've got the assembly instructions.


This is the result. The first-level offset is 24c

Then we continue to look for ebx pointers. Look who's saved the EBX pointer as shown in

By looking for. We found three green base addresses. But based on the first lookup. We'll find out that 0x0084 may not be at the beginning. But we're not sure. So all three of them have to try.

PS: It has been tried. Base Address pointer is 0X00A1E0C4

Try it. Manually add an address using CE. Try. As shown in

So let's try out three ways we can find the base address.

It can be concluded that the base address we are looking for is the one we are looking for.

Three, through the implementation of the program to modify money.

By the above we can draw. [0XA1E0C4] + 0x24c = Address of the money

[[0XA1E0C4] + 0x24c] = value of money.

So we can use easy language to write a simple change money assist.

Of course, C + + can be modified. Specific API can refer to the previous article.

Because easy language is good to realize. So write it in easy language.


Classroom Code and Games: Link: pan.baidu.com/s/1t56c20qicadoagc6lhd8lg Password: pf5d

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