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Pictures of the line crooked distorted, or too dark around, this is not entirely a camera or photographic technology problem, but the lens image deformation and the natural physical phenomenon of corner loss, as long as the lens correction in Photoshop Lightroom 4.2, you can immediately automatically identify the lens model, To carry out deformation and dark angle correction, but also support the major brands of the hot shots, now come to try it!

Camera lens, is composed of many different shapes, sizes, materials, the lens composition, light through these lenses, eventually in the camera's photosensitive components, film imaging, we can take photos. Because the light through many lenses refraction, reflection, so the image will produce some deformation and corner of the phenomenon of loss of light, and different lenses, there are distinct deformation and corner of the loss of light characteristics, some lens image deformation is very serious, some lenses are particularly obvious dark angle. In fact, as long as through a few back steps, we can reduce the impact of these image deformation and dark angle.

▲ Newer DSLR cameras, such as Nikon D600, have built-in lens deformation control and dark angle dimming control functions, if not supported, can be modified by the use of back-system editing.

Lens deformation and corner loss of light

In general, the lens of the image deformation is roughly divided into "barrel-like deformation" (barrel distortion) and "pillow-like deformation" (pincushion distortion) two, barrel-like deformation often appears in the lens of the wide angle, and pillow-like deformation appears in sight remote, The biggest effect of these images on the image is that the horizon or line is not straight, or the condition is not completely horizontal.

Corner loss of light, mostly in the large aperture lens or wide-angle lens, especially when the full aperture of the most serious, in the image surrounding the formation of the shadow layer, that is commonly known as "dark angle", to reduce the corner loss, only through the contraction aperture to solve the problem.

▲ Left Picture: barrel shape deformation. Right Image: Pillow shape.

▲ The corner loses light phenomenon.

Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 Lens correction

In this paper, I use the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 version, to do lens deformation and dark angle correction examples. Recently there are many after the system of editing software, but also began to support the lens correction function, so the photographer can according to their own preferences and habits, to choose after the system of editing software, deformation correction and dark angle elimination of the operation.

▲ Start Lightroom 4.2 and read the photos, select the edit photo function, the right side of the sidebar "Lens correction" function. It is recommended to use RAW file format photos to correct, better results.

▲raw file format photo, Lightroom 4.2 will identify the lens information for proper correction. Most of the lenses currently on the market have been built into the description file, but if you use JPEG files, you must manually select and support a relatively small range of lenses.

▲ Lens to correct the description of the camera supporting the lens factory card.

▲ Most of the lens models have been built and can be upgraded through updates.

▲ Of course can also choose Full manual correction to carry out the work.

Example of lens distortion and dark angle correction

Using Nikon D600 and Af-s 16-35mm f/4g Ed VR, af-s 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5g ed VR photography, automatic deformation control and edge halo function control is closed to Lightroom 4.2 for correction. You can look at the linear changes in the photos and the size of the dark corners.

▲ left: Before correction. Right figure: after correction.

▲ left: Before correction. Right figure: after correction.

▲ left: Before correction. Right figure: after correction.

▲ left: Before correction. Right figure: after correction.


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