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In liunx, you can send emails in text format to yourself on your computer in advance, although it looks messy, however, you can know how to send an email by sending it.

MUA Mail User Agent (Mail User Agent) such as foxmail outlook

Mda mail delivery agent) such as dovecot

MTA Mail Transmission proxy Mail Transfer Agent) such as postfix sendmail

SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which helps each computer locate the next destination when sending or transferring Mail. By using the server specified by the SMTP protocol, you can

The mail is sent to the recipient's server. The whole process takes several minutes. The SMTP server is a mail sending server that follows the SMTP protocol and is used to send or transmit emails.

Bytes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unmount vm from source package

View vmware-installer-l version

Vmware-installer-u vmware-workstation


Mail Server posfix)

Installation package:



Configuration file:

/Etc/postfix/main. cf

Start the service:

Service postfix restart

Port: 25


Send email

Modify host name




Host Name modified

69 myhostname = host name set to URL type

77 mydomain = the domain name is related to the Host Name

93 myorigin = $ mydomain applies to all domains

107 inet_interfaces = all

# Inet_interfaces = localhost

Disable service sendmail stop

Chkconfig sendmail off permanently disabled

Service postfix restart

Netstat-anplt | grep: 25 view port

Lsof-I: 25 view port

Useradd tom

Useradd jerry

Passwd tom

Passwd jerry

Telnet 25 ------------------------------------------ test mail sending by logging on to port 25


Connected to ( ).

Escape character is '^]'.

220 ESMTP Postfix

Ehlo ----------------------------------------------- establish a connection with the server


250-SIZE 10240000





250 DSN

Mail from: ------------------------------------- sender address

250 2.1.0 OK

Rcpt to: ------------------------------------- recipient address

250 2.1.5 OK

Data -------------------------------------------------- body

354 End data with <CR> <LF>. <CR> <LF>

I am tom who is it? ------------------------------------------ Content x

. -------------------------------------------------------------- Terminator

250 2.0.0 OK: queued as E50F41B60040

Quit ---------------------------------------------------------- quit

Connection closed by foreign host.

--------------------------------------- = ----------

Receive email


Installation Package


Port 110 143

Start the service:

Service dovecot restart

Telnet 110 ---------------------------------- connect to port 110 to receive mail


Connected to ( ).

Escape character is '^]'.

+ OK Dovecot ready.

User jerry ---------------------------------------------- logon recipient

+ OK

Pass 123 ---------------------------------------------- Password

+ OK Logged in.

List ---------------------------------------------- list emails

+ OK 1 messages:

1 460


Retr 1 ----------------------------------------------- View content

+ OK 460 octets

Return-Path: <>



Received: from ( [])

By (Postfix) with SMTP id 6D8191B60056

For <>; Sat, 12 Jan 2013 11:27:19 + 0800 (CST)

Message-Id: <>

Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2013 11:27:19 + 0800 (CST)


To: undisclosed-recipients :;

Hello !!!!!! I am tom


Quit ----------------------------------------------------- quit

+ OK Logging out.

Connection closed by foreign host.



Yum install squirrelmail

Vim/etc/squirrelmail/config. ph

26 $ squirrelmail_default_language = 'zh _ cn ';

Service httpd restart


Postconf-m view the software supported by post

Operating System OS) RHEL5U3 RHEL 5 update 3

Message transmission proxy MTA) Postfix 2.5.3 use the latest version 2.5.3

The database/directory service MySQL 5.0 can be openLDAP or NetScape LDAP. This document is based on MySQL.

Email Delivery proxy MDA) maildrop 2.0.x supports filtering and powerful functions

Web account management backend ExtMan 0.2.5 supports unlimited domain names and unlimited users

POP3 server Courier-IMAP is sufficient for most enterprises

The WebMail system ExtMail 1.1 supports multiple languages and all templates, and provides basic functions.

SMTP authentication library Cyrus SASL standard SASL implementation library, supports Courier authlib

Other data authentication libraries Courier Authlib 0.60 authlib are key components of services such as maildrop and courier-imap.

Log Analysis and display mailgraph_ext already contains

Web Server Apache 2.x OS

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