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Today, I'm free to continue writing this. I 've been on a business trip for a week ......

However, there is not much content that can be written in the next day, mainly in the application and development of Live Mesh (similar to "my computer" based on the network.

Live Mesh is currently divided into two versions: public version ( and Development version (URL forgot, it seems there is a CTP or something ), the development version requires a dedicated key for development. (after the lecture, each person sends two keys.) 5 GB space for each person.

Simple operations are similar to "my computer". creating folders and uploading files now only supports preview of images, viewing other formats of content does not seem to support (including plain text ). In fact, this part of the function is mainly the synchronization between various devices. On the spot, we demonstrated that we took a photo with a smartphone and then automatically synchronized to the mesh through the GPRS network, then it is automatically synchronized to the computer, and then automatically synchronized back to the mesh after modification through the computer. Another function is file sharing and collaboration. You can invite an email address or a live account to share files.

In addition, mesh also supports some applications.ProgramNow there are some simple applications available, such as desktop stickers and text-filling games. Of course, they can also support sharing and multi-person collaboration.

The Development Section mainly refers to the observation of the content in the mesh through a resource Explorer (including contacts, mesh folders and files, applications, and so on ), you can return results in XML or JSON format. In fact, programming sends a request (get or put) to a URL at the underlying level, and then returns an XML file to view, add, or modify the information. Of course, an external layer of API can be used directly.

According to the two-day training, live services is mainly applicable to personal applications (especially mesh), and can work collaboratively with a few people to a certain extent. Of course, live ID integration seems to be quite useful. At present, these cloud servers are located in the United States, and the network speed is a big problem.

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