Looking at the canteens of major Internet companies, people are more popular !!!

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"To grasp a person's heart, you must first grasp his stomach ."

Employees' comments on food in the canteen often reflect their feelings for the company. Today, the bloggers will show you how well their employees have liked and spoke about their canteens ~

Baidu canteen: an ideal place to lose weight

Lu renjia: "I have been in the company for six months, and I am very depressed at two points. One is that the gym always needs to be lined up, and the other is that the food in the canteen is getting worse and worse ."

Passerby B"They all said that Baidu canteen is a swine farm. Have you ever seen pigs become thinner and thinner? Have you ever seen a pig farm with nausea? After almost three years, the old 160-plus-pound hero's chest muscles are moving towards flattening ."

When we saw these sprees, the bloggers, while scrambling for Baidu employees, plan several canteens in Baidu. Don't say that people still have a conscience, at least the dining room of Baidu building is suitable for the taste of humans. However, the other dining rooms are so boring that they are smeared together.

360 canteen: a millionaire

Still the above passers-by B, people heartbeat a slot: "dinner at half past seven, Free Unlimited, overtime also provides night-long, Nima, hard to eat fat again 20 kg, the chest muscles are eaten again."

A good meal naturally comes from a wonderful chef. When I inquire, the blogger is stunned. The canteen is actually hiding a legendary chef-Master Wang of employee ID 74 at the monopoly level.

As early as 2006, Master Wang began serving as a chef in the 360 canteen. He not only had excellent cooking skills, but also had a great passion for others. It is said that even Zhou Hongyi, who believes that he is a top-notch expert, is willing to face the bad news. It is enviable that the chef once obtained the company-granted options four times. The blogger gave his finger at the option, Nana! It's not worth a thousand RMB to change the stock price !!

Imagine360From more than 70 people to a building with up to 7000 employees, it is also a top priority to do a good job in later stages ~ Those who have three meals and stay up all night are offered to employees free of charge, and after working overtime till, employees can call the canteen to open a kitchen, and the on-duty master is on standby 24 hours a day. This scene should only be available in the sky. It's rare to hear it !!

Netease canteen

After Netease moved to Hangzhou camp, its work environment became more comfortable than that in the "wudaokou period. The canteen chefs carefully combine the high-specification recipes of up to 12 meals, 6 vegetarian, 2 soups, yogurt, and fruit for employees' nutrition, there are even various steamed stuffed buns, Matcha cakes, tarts, durian cakes and other exquisite snacks. In addition, afternoon tea and fruit are also provided daily, and Midnight is provided.

Don't worry, welfare just said a little bit. At the end of last year, Japanese actor Chong Tian Xing Li went to the Hangzhou company to promote its products, and had lunch in the canteen with everyone, the excitement of the silk have come forward to take a photo. (I also want to take a photo t ^ t)

Xiaomi canteen: ability to watch the ball and fried chicken beer

Simple and fresh style, wooden tables and chairs are a little retro, small, and fresh. Do you think this is a little different from the concept of fever, but don't forget that the orange Xiaomi design is still concise, and it is crazy.

During the World Cup in Brazil, I was considerate that many employees were unable to take into account the football feast due to time difference. The canteen specially arranged a large screen to play sports news and event highlights, and mounted the national flag to face such considerate companies, employees burst into tears and worked hard to return the company's preferential treatment.

In addition to the welfare of male employees, female employees are also well-cared for. During the Korean drama "you From the Stars", Xiaomi canteen issued a notice saying: "If the legs of male and female cannot finally come together, the company provides fried chicken and beer for free to show comfort." Is there a great bunker for wood?

People take food as a day. If you eat the same food as a blogger, let's talk about interesting things about the Internet companies ~

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Looking at the canteens of major Internet companies, people are more popular !!!

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