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You know, the webmaster, SEO outside the chain and content is the eternal theme, do a good job of these two SEO can easily be done, today mainly want to talk about how to do the site outside the chain, as well as the chain of some of the skills, through these can help you in a short period of time to increase a large number of high-quality outside the

1. Detailed and thorough preparation

Before doing things to "think before you do", this is the principle that I have always believed, only do a detailed and careful preparation to work harder, do outside the chain is no exception, the first to determine the relevant strategy, will make your follow-up work easier. The first is to find a good website, such a site should have a higher weight, included a large, fast, snapshot update and other characteristics, but also pay attention to the relevance of the site, the relevance of the site can enhance our weight, such as I do cosmetics so to look for the site should take beauty skin care as the theme, Some high weight webmaster network can also be outside the chain platform, these sites are conducive to search engine crawling, but also easy for us to do while learning, the second is a trial, the site found, but can not do outside the chain will have to try to know, so in the process of looking for the site should be in the way registered users to try, the site can be used to record Some Web site new users do not have the right to do outside the chain, but the high level users can "do what they want", and the effect is very good, so at this time we should properly raise a group of high-grade users, to facilitate the use later.

According to my experience, commonly used high-quality outside the chain Platform has forum, blog, question and answer system, encyclopedia class, network Favorites, classification information, and so on, the question-and-answer system and the forum for low-level users have a certain limit, so in this regard to do the chain should also be early shot to cultivate a high level of users.

Small tips: Many large sites or forums will be limited to do outside the chain, sometimes hard busy indeed do not work hard, so may wish to pay more attention to medium-sized local sites, this kind of site although the weight is slightly lower, but also less limited, and included faster, for the webmaster is a good choice. In addition, it is also possible to find a suitable platform through the external chain of the opponent's website, which is a more convenient way.

2. Outside the chain of skills

Prepare to do a good job should start the actual combat-release chain, at this time to pay special attention to skills. 1. Determine the number of chain: for the new station, if the preparatory process of the early 3-5 per day outside the chain, this time can be increased to 10-20, not too impatient, if the chain of increase but there is a suspicion of cheating, and for more mature old site can be increased daily 200-300 outside the chain; 2. External chain platform to diversity: not all of the outside chain are concentrated in one or a few sites, the more sites you choose, the better; 3. The chain page to diversity: Do not put the homepage as the only outside the chain page, too single outside the chain also has the suspicion of cheating, you can choose products, information and other pages as a chain page; 4. Improve the quality of the chain: Outside the chain is divided into many types such as question and answer system, post posts, blog posts, links, and so on, not for publicity and simple Oh, ah, even if the simple post replies must have a certain technical content, you can put the site on the old false original article moved over, or simply to talk about their views and so on, Of course, links are quality first; 5. Insist on: Do not Santian two days chain, must insist on long-term to receive the effect.

3. External chain to ensure stability

The chain is not finished, it doesn't matter. Also need to check more, today can check yesterday's outside the chain situation, just released may be outside the chain still, but can not ensure that it is not deleted, so we should have a record, if a platform delete very bad should also give up use, lest waste time.

The pursuit of stable outside the chain there are many ways, the quickest way is to pay outside the chain, which is the news of soft and external chain outsourcing most see, there are writing skills and strength of the site can choose these two ways. News Soft Text collection site is generally a large portal site, this kind of site included fast, the effect is good, also can play a certain propaganda function, but the expense is high, general an article in 20-80 Yuan; outside chain outsourcing price, General monthly in Thousand yuan, they have professional team, as well as the mature chain platform, the effect is also good, Stationmaster can choose according to demand.

There is also a stable outside the chain is a free contribution, this kind of outside the chain is not as large as the portal site, but the effect is very good, at present many webmaster network, Internet Information platform to provide free to contribute to the opportunity, but this kind of web site requirements are more and more stringent, the requirements of the article is higher, but also need to master the writing skills.

The website forum signature and the blog are two can provide the stable outside chain the place, so AdSense to find more can customize the forum, and the blog now weight has fallen, so webmasters should increase the number of blog outside the chain, so that quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes, and ultimately achieve the effect you want to achieve.

If the webmaster can do in accordance with the above several chain, I believe that the site can have gratifying changes, I wish you webmaster success. This article from China Cosmetics Investment Network (, starting, reproduced please specify!

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