Method of installing Remi Warehouse on CentOS system

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The REMI Warehouse provides an updated version of the core packages of CentOS and RHEL, especially the latest Php/mysql series (LCTT: When you need an update package and Centos/rhel does not provide updates in time, the REMI warehouse can help you).

Installing the Remi Warehouse one thing to keep in mind is not to run Yum update when the Remi Warehouse is enabled. Because the package name of the Remi Warehouse is the same as in Rhel/centos, running Yum update may trigger unexpected updates. A good idea is to disable the Remi Warehouse and enable it when you need to install the unique package in the Rmei warehouse.

Preparatory work

Before installing the Remi Warehouse, you first need to enable the Epel warehouse, because some of the packages in Remi depend on Epel. Follow this guide to set up Epel warehouses in CentOS or Rhel.

Install Remi Warehouse

Now follow the steps below to install the Remi Warehouse.

On the CentOS 7:

The code is as follows:

$ sudo rpm--import Http://

$ sudo rpm-ivh

On the CentOS 6:

The code is as follows:

$ sudo rpm--import Http://

$ sudo rpm-ivh

By default, Remi is disabled. To check whether Remi has been successfully installed, use this command. You will see several Remi warehouses, such as Remi, Remi-php55 and Remi-php56.

$ Yum repolist Disabled | grep Remi

Install a package from the Remi Warehouse

As mentioned above, it is best to keep the Remi warehouse disabled and enable it only when needed.

To search for or install packages in the Remi Warehouse, use these commands:

The code is as follows:

$ sudo yum--enablerepo=remi search

$ sudo yum--enablerepo=remi install

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